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K2, Sorry about the repeated thread hijacking, but I can’t seem to help myself! Yep, I just beeped out my mother board and determined that pin 1 shows continuity to pin 27 which is a14 as you said. It’ll put the students in touch with the hardware in a way that an anonymous microprocessor or FPGA chip can’t match.

29C Datasheet(PDF) – ATMEL Corporation

It looks like they are connected to pin 20 CE. Do ya think the 29c will work in place of the 27c? Thread Re-Hijacking One of the originals of this thread, the at problem. John Miles 3 5. Sorry Mike, It’s fixed now. The damned thing still refuses to do 1. I believe the 29Cxxx series is now mostly flash memory. The issue is mostly one of terminology.

The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: However, it struck me that you must be spending datashet lot of time getting them to the point where they understand what they’re hooking up, and why. They tend to be higher capacity than eeprom devices, so more address lines to tie but otherwise equivalent to eeprom for your purposes. Maybe I could run some wires from my programmer TOP to the sockets.

Assuming he has the particular type you need I think I’d pay the extra. Then, with some minor modification to the plastic to make room for the jumper wire and solder, I put the tops back on and plugged them into the Mother board, inserted the programmed 29c’s and datahseet it up.


If it doesn’t like your drive, then the problem’s hardware, not software. You shouldn’t need your programmer. I see from an earlier post that you are using a ‘dual’ drive.

29c256 datasheet pdf

That’s a you have? BTW, when ordering EPROMs be sure to check the complete part number carefully to make sure you’re getting the right package and that they are indeed eraseable; one-time-programmable OTP versions without a quartz window usually have the same base part number, with just a different letter in the suffix denoting a different package i.

Perhaps the limited available time could be used more productively with modern hardware. I don’t know why this is. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Let’s make sure your drive works okay. There is also a 8Kx8 version of the same chip with a compatible pinout unused address lines are no connects.

Then, you wouldn’t even have to remove the chip from the socket Even more interesting is to substitute a SRAM, write the contents and then do a warm boot. Just a simple pin 292c56 1 and I don’t think you can do much better than Futurlec http: The goal of my course, which is the introductory and only architecture course at a liberal arts college, is for students to understand all the way down to the gate level how computers work, not to directly prepare them for industry.

Easy enough to work up a simple adapter. Naw, that would be hokey. Actually, it’s abut as you know it uses the early K motherboard. They have a good price.


Some manufacturers occasionally let Vpp float, which was bad design practice, but it happened nonetheless. My usual Maxim-IC doesn’t appear to carry them, that or i can’t find datasheeh, there are sites that MAY appear to carry them, but since i’m a student, i hope to use the free sample route.

The 29C should work without any socket mods. There’s nothing erasable about them.

29C256 Datasheet PDF – ATMEL

Ellen Spertus 2 9 I’ll check and see if I can’t give a better answer. The Zif sockets with the eeproms plugged in xatasheet pretty tall, but they make removing and installing the chips so much easier. U18 and U19 have different address ranges.

There’s a lot of good stuff in the 29C datasheet. Can you tell me anything about it? If no, you may find that a standard 1. Then, you wouldn’t even have to remove the chips from the sockets Could you let me know why you think a FPGA approach would be better and point me to any educational material?

I hope to inspire some to grad school.

This question appears to be off-topic. He sells them in quantities of 10 for There must be something more ellegant that wouldn’t need any external hardware. I’ve been using the pin DIP package.

I wouldn’t think that it does. But now I can feed it my Everex mfm card so I can get around it. There probably is–I’ve certainly done this with 28C64s on things such as disk controllers.