adel. Model Number. LEFT. Brand Color. Black. Color. Black. Finish. Polished. Functions. Fingerprint,RFID Card,Password & key. Compatible Devices. Gemicates Technologies Private Limited – Offering ADEL Digital Right Hand Door Lock in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Read about company and get contact. Checkout the best price to buy Adel in India. Know full specification of Adel Smart Locks along with its features.

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No need to be fancy, just an overview.

May March February January Adel adel fingerprint lock hotel lock dedicated a cylinder CN The keypad will be locked automatically with 3 times of wrong password input.

Contact Supplier Start Order. Not to mention the fact that it will cost and replaced. Not exactly what you want? Lead time between lock and unlock. But please change the battery immediately to maintain the lock in normal operation.

To gain entry with a biometric fingerprint door lock, your fingerprint is scanned by sensors that identify the specific mapping of your fingerprint, which have already been pre- programmed and marked by computer algorithms and stored in a database. Superior security, style, and ease of use. Adel adel fingerprint security door lock fingerprint lock special lock CN China glass door lock China lock 52mm China smart card door lock.

As a recognized authority in GPS. The lock adopts motor mortise with 5 latches and the two layer structure to strength the mortise.


ADEL 4910 Fingerprint Door Lock

Over 10 suppliers can give you a quotation. How can I keep the door unlocked? Adel and Shieldlab engineering research developed the new version two Trainty- 7. And more importantly no PIN to forget, or give away.

Scan a valid fingerprint so lock allows entry, press. Second, the fingerprint lock also allows access for multiple users, including your children.

Version 2 is for residential and commercial use, this reliable lock has a 9. Remember, the duplication of fingerprint technology is virtually impossible. Adel adel fingerprint lock hotel lock cylinder dedicated b CN That’s the magic of it all! The energy efficiency IC board is adopted to use in the lock; it can be operated in ten thousand times by 4 pieces of 1.

Adel adel US smart fingerprint lock residential security lock door lock sensors lock the doors of the home CN Young children have little fingers which may have trouble opening a lock.

The only key you need is your finger. When the electronic part of the lock work abnormal, mechanical key can override to unlock. There is no key, key card, or number sequence to deal with which can all be passed around or easily stolen.

Adel-4910 Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Low voltage alert will be cued to user to change battery when the voltage is not sufficient. We also changed sensor activation by infrared to activation by touch for faster response time. China base lock China elevator door lock China pant lock. Version 2 combines the strength, simplicity and reliability of our industry leading Fingerprint password locks with the enhanced features and convenience of electronic access control.


Adel fingerprint lock fingerprint door lock heart were measured dedicated side strips CN When the door is closed, the antistrike latch is pressed against the door frame, which prevents the door from being opened simply by striking. BrickHouse Security is the industry’s premier supplier of security and surveillance solutions.

Download free software Adel Fingerprint Lock Manual

Adel adel B intelligent fingerprint electronic lock sensors lock wooden door security door home office password CN Biometric technology proves to be security that cannot be lost, replicated, or stolen. The panel and handle material: How often do you see someone forget or, worst case scenario, lose his office keys, while everyone is waiting for him to unlock the door? It achieves high security.

And finally, the fingerprint lock is low maintenance. It can be locked by mechanical key or bolt knob. That means instant and controlled access for multiple users, including children. The duplication of biometric fingerprint technology is virtually impossible, only one 491 one billionth of a chance.