In questo romanzo Alberto Moravia tratta ancora una volta il tema difficile dei rapporti matrimoniali. Ma L’amore coniugale raccontava la storia di un tradimento ;. Buy Il disprezzo by Alberto Moravia from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. GODARD’S CONTEMPT: ALBERTO MORAVIA TRANSFORMED. Andrew Horton. Jean-Luc Godard has said of Alberto Moravia’s novel // Disprezzo (A. Ghost at.

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Then he goes on to say: Paperbackpages. In fact the entire book is about his marriage falling apart. Preview — Il disprezzo by Alberto Moravia.

I looked at her, and for some reason noticed that her beauty, usually so serene and placid, had in it, that evening a new kind of restlessness, almost a disturbed look. Jun 12, Mahmood rated it it was amazing. Ayn Rand’s writing is probably the only thing that Morava have read and found more annoying than Contempt.

But being ins Ayn Rand’s writing is probably the only thing that I have read and found more annoying than Contempt. Andrew Loog Oldham’s “Stoned.

He just seems so dense at times, here is the first scene we have with both Battista and Molteni’s wife, Emilia together: Cavaroc rated it it was ok Aug 28, Stay in war for long 10 years. He is so full of negativity. A feeling that soon becomes contagious and spreads to the wife and rest of his social circle. Why did she not want to come out with me, why is she suddenly comfortable with spending time by her self, why does she sleep on the sofa, why didn’t she make up after our last fight, are her confidences genuine?

If Thomas Bernhard hadn’t already written a book called “The Loser” I would suggest that it would make for an excellent alternate title for this particular book. See 2 questions about Contempt…. I am tired of the word ‘repugnance’ now.

La vita interiore novel. It is a thought provoking novel, I’ll give it that with the second half being more intense and driven then the first. Despite of how well is written I just can’t get pass the incestuous dynamic. I could already see that she thought he was using her to get the producer to hire him, the only person who couldn’t see that was him, it takes him forever to figure it out. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


A sudden blow of fate spares him from actively alberrto this decision on his own. The ending shows ‘a sense of reconciliation and acceptance of life … absent from most of his earlier work. Can be read as a simple and easy exercise to understand different kind of people and their thinking habits. I watched this movie during a feverish Godard phase- I even bought the DVD, which is something I don’t do, being a bit too touchy about small apartment aesthetics besides the fact that you can just rent it.

Il disprezzo

One of the issues that play a major role in the novel, albegto the relationship between success and money, and the real needs and wishes of people; the characters are forced to do things that are in contrast with what they really want in order to make a living, or to satisfy the vain dreams of their partners, or to be perceived as successful and dynamic in a algerto society.

May be it is the translator’s fault, but I do not want to read the same phrase four times in a single paragraph. Told in the first person by this screenwriter who clearly sees himself as an intellectual referencing not only Homer but Dante and Joyce as well – woo hoo! I’m glad I read this quickly though- I think albegto I had read it in bits and pieces, slowly, a foul taste for Molteni and his plight would have developed in my mouth, one of those unbrushable tastes, the kind you can’t floss or tongue scrape away.

Jun 21, Walter rated it really liked it. Penelope is loyal to Ulysses but we do not know how far she loved him This is the anti-Homeric tale of the anti-Ulysses. He starts out telling us: All of them fail to understand the nature of Beauty.

I am not sure if Moravia is cracking a joke on the psychoanalysts or is he too far gone to actually dislrezzo analyzing every tale with a parameter of human consciousness. I considered looking it zlberto but the thought of what type of things may come up and how long it would take to go through it dixprezzo convinced me not to.


Il disprezzo by Alberto Moravia (2 star ratings)

But just at the moment when everything seems to turn right for him, she announces him that she doesn’t love him anymore. This is my third Moravia and damn if he hasn’t become one of my favorites now! Now bring in a director who incessantly analyzes Ulysses from Odyssey moraviaa, repeat the phrases from the previous part whenever the director shuts up and that’s another pages.

But the spark has gone out of their marriage and two small incidents trigger its dissolution. We were married for 2 years when my wife stopped loving me. Although it was often very painful and sad to read, there was something immensely helpful on a personal level in being able to follow so astutely the descent of a relationship. I havent read more depressing and annoying book than Contempt She is the Penelope to my Ulysses. Worse than that she despises him and refuses to tell him why.

Slowly the reader can see what’s happening, and you just want to yell out at the page ‘hey stupid, you are going to lose your beautiful wife to that awful man the producer! On the contrary, Molteni’s narration is excruciatingly painful to read and insufferably repetitive.

Moravia was an atheist, his writing was marked by its factual, moravoa, precise style, often depicting the malaise of the bourgeoisie, underpinned by high social and cultural awareness.

Contempt by Alberto Moravia

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Some people scream at TVs you dispfezzo who you arewhereas I, when thoroughly provoked by a character, will go beyond the eyes-to-the-sky, heavy sighing, rapid paper cut inducing turning of pages and just let loose on a narrator. Alberto Moravia, born Alberto Pincherle, was one of the leading Italian novelists of the twentieth century whose novels explore matters of modern sexuality, social alienation, and existentialism.

Wait a minute…what It doesn’t happen often that I catch myself yelling aloud at the characters in a book. An existential, psychological drama, doesn’t it sound promising?