Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual. uploaded by RigReference. PDF, Unknown size. Click to download This document is related to the following rigs Alinco. Download ALINCO DJ-S11 service manual & repair info for electronics experts. ALINCO DJ-S11 DATA. The DJ-S11 is a handheld 2M FM amateur radio transceiver with 20 channels () + CALL Channel; transmits up to W on.

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The thin board can be easily damaged by a high wattage soldering iron. Alinco receivers and scanners: To answer a ainco questions, yes I did get this radio back in I can now receive the NOAA weather stations in my area, which will be handy when checking into weather nets during storms see http: You will lose all of the memory contents. Yes, it was odd that the HT came with a telescopic antenna.

Once I figured out that the antenna wasn’t loaded, I added the appropiate amount of wire to make it about 19 inches in total length. The reason I wrote this is du-s11 I was cruising around online and saw that this product was still being sold new.

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How does one know if an antenna is matched to a radio? What if the radio is NOT of a 50 ohm design?


Not bad at all. I’m well satisfied with my DJ-S As a alincco with modern Ham Radios that come out, you expect them to have near or equal standards of commercial radio equipment.

It seems to me, especially considering you only owned the radio for a short time nearly a decade ago, that you had little or no factual basis for writing the article.

The rear cover can be lifted and removed easily, as there are no wires to be concerned about.

Alinco DJ-S11T (DJ S11 T DJS11T) transceiver: Expanded RX / TX mod

This unit is not FCC type-accepted for anything but ham band – Place the radio face down on a soft towel. Icom cancelled this product on April 9, I’ll probably try to improve the antenna performance now that I know it’s not up to snuff. Thanks for submitting this article.

Other than alicno antenna, I really liked the radio, it just didn’t perform mannual the way I felt a mW radio should especially when you made a simple adjustment and found out you could make it out perform stock performance 50mW.

Replace the batteries, press and hold the “F” button manuap the left side of the radio, and turn it on. But honestly, if you’ve owned this radio, can you really compare it to the performance of your other duckied HT running low power, or atleast the receive factor??


As I recall the one I owned had a rubberized flip up antenna that may have been helically loaded. One question that I’ve never been able to answer was why did Alinco construct a handheld radio with an antenna not tuned for the right frequency.

If your fine with this performance, I’m happy for you. If it had come with a small tuned rubber duck antenna, I’m sure I’d still own it today.

You guys have defenatly raised lots of good points. It gave adequate performance dj–s11 the repeaters’ footprint. I discovered on my DJ-S11 is that the telescoping antenna had no loading, and I really didn’t feel that it was worth me modifiying it for what I paid for it.

I’ve designed vhf transmitters to load into 1. The antenna connection is made by means of a gold-plated spring contact.

Around the clock, around the town, around the world.

Again what is resonance? The reality is that you, or any other buyer, should check out the specs and make comparisons before the purchase. It was operating at that point like a resonable HT.