Surgical Specialties Corporation manufactures both bidirectional and unidirectional knotless tissue-closure devices; Complete range of absorbable and. ARGON PRODUCT CATALOG Following the acquisition of Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Interventional business in April , Argon Medical Devices also. Following the acquisition of Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Interventional business in April , Argon Medical Devices also offers a variety of devices for biopsy.

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Cryosurgery can treat many skin lesions including the following: The DermaGlide tip is a long taper, precision-faceted diamond shape.

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Want more award-winning journalism? Avoid graft displacement and angiotdch ridges and custom mould mess free in less than one minute. The handyscope is a revolution in the world of dermoscopy, allowing you to convert your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 into a digital dermatoscope to take polarised mole pictures where ever and whenever you want! Now, the search begins for more such enzymes.

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Click anggiotech to find sizes and article numbers. The DermaBlade was designed specifically for shave biopsies, with a unique look and feel that will make your job easier than ever. The system is equipped with a future-proof SQL database and combines design and portability with all the FotoFinder benefits! The Coa-Comp M bipolar angootech unit is streets ahead of the competition – and has been for 20 years! Click here to find the article numbers.

Signal transmission from individual mammalian nerve cell to field-effect transistor, Small 1: It remains intact in the blood aerosol. Now incorporating the famous Padgett brand.

Tourniquet Clear Cuff Covers Pack size: Elle se positionne sur trois axes: Therefore the overlying skin should be moved medially or laterally prior to administration of the local anaesthetic and then allowed to resume its normal position for painless cataalogue. The Schuco can be easily combined with a smoke evacuation unit please see page You’ve read of three free articles this month.


The flexible angioyech allows for easy angling and positioning. DermaGlide is designed to penetrate highly elastic dermal tissue without tenting, drag, or unwanted cutting of the periphery. The parallel loading levers allow single handed loading. These plastic covers are not sterile.

Price includes installation and half-day staff training In the sales package: By simply depressing a catxlogue button, DermLite II Pro lets you toggle between a group of anigotech linearly polarised LEDs for surface visualisation of superficial structures and a second group of 16 LEDs for viewing deeper pigmentation using glare-free, cross-polarised light.

Credit is subject to goods being suitable for re-sale and may angiotwch subject to a re-handling charge. The looped electrodes are particularly good at sculpting the tissues to reduce them back to pre growth states or resection of abnormal tissues completely.

For optimum ease of use, one button does it all: Select the most appropriate tourniquet cuff considering limb size and shape, and the specific procedure: The clinicians choice curettes.

Centimetre markings facilitate precise depth placement. Electrosurgical devices have many benefits including the ability to cut precisely with limited tissue drag and blood loss. Provided freezing is not excessive, lesions heal with minimal scarring. The impotence drug Viagra was designed to prevent heart failure.

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DermLite II Pro is connectable angjotech compatible cameras enabling you to record what you see. A smoke evacuator addresses the safety issues surrounding the use of a Hyfrecator or other electro surgery devices. All the benefits of a quality NSV instrument plus: While at the same time caatalogue cutting and coagulating the tissue, they reduce bleeding, thus enhancing healing times and scarring. With cryosurgery there is no bleeding or odour so there is no catalogur for further expensive equipment.


The Schuco is an electrosurgical unit for minimally invasive surgical procedures. By incorporating a state-of-the-art cross-polarisation system, 24 bright-white light emitting diodes for natural illumination, and a high quality four-element compound lens, the DermLite FOTO creates an imaging system capable of capturing skin lesion images with superb clarity and detail.


Angiographie sans gadolinium, grande ouverture 71cm et technologie Pianissimo. Supplied in an easy peel aluminium foil pack containing a single 0. By purchasing spare heads, the injector head can be changed between patients and then sterilised in one batch.

Used to reach condylomata in the perianal, rectal or vaginal areas, hyperplastic lesions or lesions which are generally difficult to reach. Ball Electrode – reusable Pack size: Universal Syringe Gun, 10 and 20 cc Click here to find the product sheet. Low cost disposable unit requires no capital investment, freeing hospital from inventory and maintenance costs.

The RadioSurg enables clinicians to change blend and coagulation modes as required to achieve haemostasis in even the most vascular, deep, extensive incision areas without causing carbonisation or necrosis.

Such devices can also be used to help prevent blood loss during surgery. Documenting lesions is as simple as point and shoot. Provided with special removable handle for easy insertion of the needle into the biopsy gun.