Seta-Shell Four Ball Autoload Lubricant Tester for ASTM D, ASTM D, IP We perform grease testing by ASTM D to measure the load-carrying properties or load wear index of lubricating grease using a four ball test apparatus. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 This method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum.

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Three measurements go into determining the LWI.

Based on this value, one can formulate greases with different levels of extreme pressure properties. The ability of a grease to perform under extreme pressure conditions is determined by the load wear index LWI. Current Issue Archive Advertise.

Acids, caustics and cleaning solutions can break grease down and corrode metal. The Leon-Maxwell number is an excellent method to quickly and accurately evaluate a grease protection aastm and as an indication of a greases ability to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Optimally, supplier testing will show low levels of contamination where performance is not affected, making the transition to a new grease product quick and easy. Determines a greases ability to withstand repeated mechanical stress.

Water washout ASTM test: Determines resistance of a lubricating grease to washout by water Result values and what they mean: However, a true incompatibility situation may result when low-performing grease affects the performance of the higher performing grease, meaning another grease with more desirable intermixing attributes should be considered.


Results sstm reported in kilograms kg with a functional range from kg to kg.

Maximizing Grease Performance Through Optimal Compatibility

Understanding Compatibility Understanding compatibility and contamination is the first step to optimal grease performance, plant operations and return on investment. Seven tests for selecting the right grease Greases are used to overcome real-world problems presented by operating environments and operating conditions of mechanical equipment.

A critical part of this assessment is working with a lubricant supplier with the specific industry know-how, and the proper testing procedures in place to ensure maximum grease compatibility and performance, promoting business success and profitability. Imagine the d2956 as a routine traffic light.

About the Author John Kurosky. The performance dilution continues when the lithium complex grease is contaminated by both the lithium OH stearate grease and water.

Results are reported as percentage with a functional range from 0. Determines the strenghth of the boundary film between metal surfaces asrm provides extended protection. Determines the temperature point at which grease changes from a semi-solid to a liquid.

Oxidation stability ASTM test: It was found that all three greases showed good mechanical shear stability, antiwear performance and extreme pressure characteristics consistent with the specifications to which each individual grease was designed.

The better the lubricant is at preventing aetm, the smaller the wear scar will be on the three stationary balls.

Tribological Testing by 4 Ball Methods

If incompatibility occurs, failure would be found in any of the tests of a given specification requiring no other testing; however, a borderline compatible reading requires additional application testing for conformance to the extreme temperatures and excessive pressure conditions of a given grease application.


Scar size is measured on asttm test specimen.

D What the test measures: Taking this precautionary measure assures reliability and performance of equipment. An incompatibility issue could be reflected in reduced lubricating performance due d2956 the modified composition of the fluids and additives from intermixing. Create your own user feedback survey. Advantages of Using Polyurea Grease. The lithium complex grease, sample No. These tests can be conducted concurrently or sequentially with varying ratios for example, Before implementing a new product, plant and maintenance engineers must weigh all consequences of grease intermixing and the impact on equipment reliability, production levels and the bottom line.

Shell 4-Ball Lubricant Tester | ASTM D | D | IP

The equation normalizes the results and produces a value that can be used in the selection, application and consolidation process from typical to extreme environments. Make sure to use a valid business email address. Penetration ASTM test name: The result is breakdown of grease, cold welding or galling. For this experiment, a low-level, 10 percent by weight, of contamination was implemented to avoid harmful degradation of the individual greases and to simulate a situation common to typical grease changeouts.

The lower the percent change, the greater the mechanical stability of the grease. The dilution in performance is again nearly equivalent to the level of contamination, that is a 20 percent reduction in the load wear index upon 20 percent contamination.