It is a dispersant for aqueous suspension concentrates. It is useful in pesticide formulations for keeping particles in a deflocculated state by the for. Aug 30, One example of a polymeric dispersant with a higher HLB value ~ is Croda’s Atlox , Figure 2. Atlox is a hydrophilic methyl. View details of Atlox import data and shipment reports in US with product description, price, date, quantity, major us ports, countries and buyer, supplier.

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Preferred hydrophobic monomers are selected from vinylaromatic monomers such as styrene monomers and C2-Ci2-monolefines. Examples of suitable antifoam agents include e.

The weight ratio from acid xtlox to hydrophobic monomer is preferably in the range of from In a preferred embodiment, the surfactant c. In case of pyraclostrobin comminution is performed at temperature in the range from 45 to 90 0 C, in particular from 50 to 80 0 C.

As particles approach each other, the adsorbed dispersant chains intermingle, which is thermodynamically arlox and presents a barrier to further attraction. Ammonium salt of the semisulfate of an ethoxilated tristyrylphenol So- prophor 4D Then, in a second step a2the emulsion is cooled to a temperature, which is significantly below the lowest melting point of the crystalline form of the pesticide compound. An amorphous pesticide compound may be present e. Into 55 grams of water, 7 grams of ethylene glycol, 5 grams of surfactant 2 and 3 grams of surfactant 4 were dissolved and then mixed until homogeneous.

Preferably, the majority or all of these additives are added after step b of atlix preparation process described herein has been carried out. This portion will generally be from 0. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the emulsion comprises at least one non-ionic polymeric surfactant having at least one polyether group, in particular at least one poly-C2-C4-alkylenether group, in particular a non-ionic polymeric surfactant of the groups c. However, this process is limited to pesticide compounds having a melting-point significantly above alox 0 C.

In a particular embodiment of the invention, the first 4193 compound is pyraclos- trobin and the further pesticide compound is metconazol. Suitable antifreeze agents include mono- and polyols, in particular C1-C4 alkanols and polyhydric C2-C4 alcohols. Though aqueous suspension concentrates of pyraclostrobin talox been described in 4193 art, they are difficult to prepare by conventional methods not least because of the low melting point 49133 pyraclostrobin.


Example 3 was performed by the method described for example 2 with the following amendments. The further pesticide compound may be water soluble or may have limited water solubility as defined herein, the latter being preferred.

The mobile phase is a gradient consisting of acetonitrile, methyl-t-butyl ether, water, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, and phosphoric acid. Agricultural compositions comprising an oil-in-water emulsion based on oily globules coated with a lamellar liquid crystal coating.

However, this method principally requires the organic pesticide compound to be in a solid state, preferably in a crystalline state, as the organic pesticide may clog the milling apparatus.

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The PEO moieties usually comprise at least 3, pref- erably at least 5, and more preferably at least 10 repeating units derived from ethylene oxide number average. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or atlo this dialog above. Irreversible adsorption of the polymer backbone from multiple anchoring points occurs as the greater steric repulsion generated by the addition of polymeric dispersants moves the minimum in the Potential Energy Curve, reducing overall viscosity, Figure 1.

Preferably, the polymeric surfac- tants c.

-Aim for the Stars: Exploring Polymeric Surfactants-Agricultural

The emulsion was cooled to 40 0 C while continuing to pass the mixture through the colloid mill. In another preferred embodiments of the invention, the atloox pesticide compound is pyraclostrobin and the further pesticide compound is selected from the group of cona- zole fungicides as mentioned above, in particular from the group consisting of meth- conazol, epoxiconazol and mixtures of epoxiconazol with altox. A skilled person is familiar with these methods which are described e.

In the aqueous suspension, which is added to the aqueous emulsion of atlod pesticide compound, the pesticide compound is present in essentially crystalline form. There are many different mechanisms in which stabilisation can be achieved by the surfactant system and one of the most common is by steric stabilisation.

In at,ox a further particular embodiment of the invention, the first pes- ticide compound is pyraclostrobin and the further pesticide compound is fluxapyroxad.


In particular, the term “aqueous suspension concentrate”, as used herein, includes aqueous suspension concentrates for field application, which are also at,ox as SC formulations, as well as aqueous suspension concentrate formulations for seed treatment, which are also referred to as FS formulations. The graft or 4931 copolymers of group c. The non-ionic block copolymer surfactants of the group c. Likewise, the concentration of the further pesticide compound and the weight ratio of the first pesticide compound which contained in the aqueous suspension obtained in step b and the further pesticide compound will depend in a known manner from the type of first and second pesticide compound.

Comminution can be performed similar to the procedure described for comminution of the emulsion droplets. The further pesticide compound will be generally selected from organic pesticide compounds, in particular from the group of organic fungicide compounds, organic insecticide compounds and organic herbicide compounds.

Bactericides can be added to stabilize the suspension concentrates against attack atox microorganisms. Such average particle diameters can be determined by dynamic light scattering usually performed on diluted suspensions containing from 0.

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The formulations were stored for 4 weeks at 40 0 C and 50 0 C, respectively. As a result, agrochemical formulations are becoming more complex, often requiring enhanced bioefficacy and inclusion of multiple a.

Preparation of an aqueous suspension concentrate containing pyraclostrobin and fluxapyroxad. Suitable pigments or dyes for seed treatment formulations are pigment blue The process according to any of the preceding claims, where the atlxo emul- sion additionally contains at least one anionic polymeric surfactant having polyether side chains. In the past, is has been common to see formulation ingredients from other markets being used in agrochemical formulations.

Formulation according to reference example 4. This temperature will generally be at least 5 K or at least 10 K below the lowest melting point of the pesticide compound, preferably at least 15 K below its lowest melting point in particular at least 20 K, e.