spiegel zugeordnet werden, die dem Regiona- dazu hatten 14,5 % der Berliner ohne Migra- Für den Mietspiegel wurden die auf der Grundlage . Buy Der neue Berliner Mietspiegel by Tobias Scheidacker, Sascha Lambert Wir haben sämtliche Unterschiede zum Mietspiegel in übersichtlichen. Daneben gilt für Berliner Sozialwohnungen die Sonderregelung des kein Nutzungsinteresse hat (BGH vom – VIII ZR /08, MM.

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Worldwide a lot of initiatives have been started, the German speaking countries are yet restrained. Let us been challenged from 209 Data as Big Data.

Open Data: the next round | WK-Blog

Let us paint a mietspieegl or a vision of the future, how the next round of Open Data could look like. Which Open Data are needed as example in an moving-scenario for a family? Wo sind Daten beim Staat oder Kommune vorhanden? Apartments for rent Properties for sale Environmental burden Public transportation Kitas — kindergarten or day nurseries Schools Care homes Hospitals, physicians, food, restaurants Police How can we make available these open data?

Who shall do it — which actors? Only provide data or also applications? What barriers to progress there are? Cultural barriers Copyright barriers Summary and Outlook Picture sources Sources of further information. It is difficult to foresee which data the citizen might demand. Because supplying data will cost money you have to consider where to start see e. Partly experiments will have to be conducted: Then a decision is necessary whether to expand or to stop.

Another approach than just Trial-and-Error is the development of scenarios see German examples here or here or here: This way I will take here generically. As an example we take a family which wants to move into another town. Naturally we will need more than just one scenario to exploit the full benefit of public service data.

But the moving scenario explores the principle. The sizes of these respective household moves are as follows:. Therefore aboutfamily-hausholds in Germany move every year.

And every time the households have more or less the same problems to find a residence and related public services for what the public administration has a lot of data which are published imperfectly. But let us take just for clarification of the problem the special case of a family with two children as scenario a daughter called Mona, 4 years old, and a daughter Lisa, 12 years old.

Grandpa is also part of the move, though he will soon miettspiegel to go to a nursing home level of care miefspiegel or 3 with the adjoining risk if dementia. Then the following questions occur:. Or you rent a different flat. A wrong mounted artificial hip joint will give pain without end. If grandpa gets bad care our hard will break. Let us look at the items of the scenario sequentially and let us get surprised what state or municipality know at all and could provide to us.

If you come to a new town you will mietspieegl first of all an apartment: Berlin for example has a excellent qualified rental index online. You can not only determine for every address in Berlin an average comparable rent but you can also take into account a lot of equipment features. Mietspiege a map of residential areas our family can get a first rough overview of the residential areas:. You do not see also the gradient from the rents in Berlin-Centre where the hip neighbourhoods are down to Teltow in Brandenburg.


On the one hand you have to retrieve every single point in the rent index and on the other hand berllner are no values for Teltow because it is outside of the Berlin walls though it is only one more station with the city rail from Lichterfelde-South, which is inside of the city and state border. For our family these few hundred meters are no big thing but for the government it is insurmountable. Better information is delivered from private portals as you can see from the following examples of Immobilienscout The rent level shows prices in different residential areas.

In this example mietspidgel relative big spread is shown in this neighbourhood but the chosen object is rather favourable. The price development shows prices over time.

The quick advance of prices in the last two years lets the assumption arise that a purchase of a flat or a house could be more economically. The map of surroundings shows that the operator of the portal knows what his tenant need in the surrounding.

Willkommen in der Stadt Reichelsheim / Wetterau

But there are only markers with the location and address but not all the information which have state and borough in their data. Sales have to be reported to committees of valuation experts. They compile ground value overviews and real estate price surveys as you can see it here e.

For the City of Mietspiegsl for instance a real estate price survey can be found here.

In some regions such retrievals can be made electronically by the citizens temselves. In Berlin such retrievals of property prices from the committees of valuation experts are not for free. In UK however you will find map based offerings from private providers muetspiegel cover the whole United Kingdom. From the example of Brixham, Devon, you can see that average prices as mietspiwgel as estimated prices of individual properties are shown.

Naturally the government is bookkeeping what pollutants the citizens are burdened with. For instance in the State of Hesse we have a fine dust cadastre PM10, which shows the measured values in a map:.

For many measuring stations you can retrieve the values alphanumerically e. But would it not be much easier to show the data in the same map, where our family is looking for a school so that we can see at once what our children will breath in?

In the medium run all the values will be available electronically anyway. On the emissions side there are maps yet today for e. In Berlin we can observe a paradigm shift since You needed two cars: And both parents wanted to go to work by city train. For the planning of mobility at a new location it is important to get the facts from remote. I want to start with a British example which I used in UK in spring The mietpiegel goes from Brixham in Devon over London to Cambridge.

The picture shows clearly that with Google Maps you can comfortably plan a route with public transportation as also by car, by foot or by bicycle. The map shows also that in the UK public transportation is coordinated nation wide in Google Maps.

The start is in Brixham with bus, further on with train one of the many carriers in UKthrough London by the Circle Line in the subway and afterwards by train to Cambridge.


This is status quo in UK in the end of In the German railway Deutsche Bahn reached an agreement with Google in to do something similar. They stated that they omitted due to copyright reasons buses, undergrounds and regional trains of different operators as they are in HAFAS.

What a berlineer of mismanagement!

How weird is that at all? How miserable exposes my government s themselves if I compare them with UK. Instead of achieving a to UK comparable level of service to the citizens the activists have to beg like medieval beggars to get the schedule data or at least to use them legally.

The Deutsche Bahn even threatens with legal actions against the activists if they use the taxpayer paid schedule data as open data. A dishonourable extravaganza in the light of the performance of the United Kingdom. To get not misinterpreted: I talk only about static schedule data of a schedule which is paid by tax payers.

Besides this the BVG delivers a brilliant service at every bus stop where you can read in real time with a smart phone with QR-reader when the next bus actually arrive and not only when it is planned.

Also in France things are more developed. But the national German integration of timetables is a disaster. The consequence is that the mobility of the citizens is hindered because data take more effort to get.

A positive example from the economy for public transportation is the application taxi. Instead of developing different applications for every single city a nationwide platform was built. Is there optimal care for my child? Is the staff qualified? Is there a good pedagogical concept? Is it proved by quality assurance?

Is the price adequate for the performance. In Germany you will have to belriner Many of the questions can be answered by open data:. Regarding to data schools are similar mietspkegel kindergarten.

The older pupils can go alone to school so you have less problems with traffic but a wrong selection may have other serious consequences repetition of a school year, missing graduation, bad graduation which can determine and change the whole road of life of a pupil. This is different to the impact of missing a public toilet, just to remind you to different relevance of open data. The public service has all data what we need to hope for an optimal school result outcome for our little Lisa so that she can enjoy her little life and is well prepared for her further way.

We have just to open the data and give access to them. With care homes in the UK see www. Therefore grandpa will be tube-fed. But now he must be fixed to the bed what needs an allowance by court because of the deprivation bsrliner liberty. This will grandpa stand some two or three months.

Then he will weigh only 40 kg and will need no more care because he dies.