OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide. 2 reviews. by Biju Thomas. Publisher: Sybex. Release Date: April Books By Biju Thomas Similar Authors To Biju Thomas . OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide: Exams 1Z and. Thank you for choosing OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Biju Thomas is an Oracle , Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle 10g, and Oracle.

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Creating Read-Only Views 7. Creating Bigfile and Smallfile Tablespaces Recovering from Instance Failure Assigning a Temporary Tablespace Using Join Views 7.

File System Storage 9. An Overview of Oracle Shared Server The Advisor Central Screen Dynamic Performance Views Staging a Patch Managing Oracle Listeners Granting Object Privileges Managing Listeners with Oracle Net Manager Using EM Database Control 9.


Database Objects Overview 6. Adding Comments to a Script File 1. Row ID Datatypes 6. Answers to Review Questions 6.

OCA Oracle Database 11g Admin by Biju Thomas – PDF Drive

Proactive Database Maintenance Data Dictionary Views 9. Globally Authenticated Users Identifying Enabled Privilege-Auditing Options Identifying Enabled Object-Auditing Options Working with Indexes Implementing Security and Auditing Using Direct Path Loading Dropping Redo Log Groups Nesting Group Functions 3.

Tracking and Closing the Incident Understanding Undo Segments Identifying Default Tablespaces Assigning Tablespaces and Quotas Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data through Views 7.

Understanding and Configuring Recovery Components Editing the SQL Buffer 1.

Oracle 11g Architecture 8. Active Session History Managing Optimizer Statistics Log Switch Operations Automatic Memory Management Full Outer Joins 4.

Data Access Methods Entering SQL Statements 1. Showing the Status of the Listener