30 out. Biopirataria da Flora. Jaborandi, Andiroba e Espinheira Santa. Combate à Biopirataria O que é a biopirataria?. 19 out. Ao longo de 26 anos de atuação no Brasil, o Greenpeace nunca se a proteção da biodiversidade e o combate à biopirataria, o combate ao. totalizing a surface of approximately 5,, km² (Brasil, a). .. HOMMA, A. K. O. Extrativismo,Biodiversidade e Biopirataria na Amazônia ().

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In the searching filters section, research group UF3 item, the respective abbreviation of the n states composing the Legal Amazonia was selected: Who was Sigmund Freud?

On Stage, Vol. 2

Only with the maturation and Brazilian comprehension about the complexities involving the biotechnological sectors making use of the Amazonian biodiversity as matrix, is that both, the country and the Amazonia, could understand the actual potential of the Amazon biodiversity to generate foreign currency, and so ascend to and definitely achieve an international detached position in the biotechnological development, and effectively consolidate the production and innovation in the field of Brazilian phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic products.

As already highlighted by Querido, Lage and Vasconcellos the support to universities NITs Nuclei of Technological Innovation is also indispensable for the regional innovation, as it will amplify the strategies of transference of technologies of biopriataria produced in the ambit of federal universities, assuring benefits to innovative efforts from Brazilian investigators in the field of Amazonian biotechnology.

The law should reflect the difficulty of determining how to compensate local populations from collective knowledge passed down over generations, Mr. Conclusion Despite the existence of seventy two 72 research groups in the Amazon Region investigating themes such as phytotherapeutic and biopieataria agents, or medicinal plants, it was verified that these research efforts in the scientific area do not, effectively, result in innovative products and processes protected by the system of patents.

Desafios e oportunidades para o Brasil. According to Hasenclever et. The scientific benefits from a better understanding about the Amazonian biologic diversity are extensive, due to biopiirataria importance to these organisms for the production of new antibiotics, therapeutic agents, probiotic agents, chemical products, enzymes, polymers, pollutants bioremediator agents, biolixiviation agents, etc Fonseca, Poz and Silveira, This action stimulates also the development of Local Productive Arrangements APLsaccording to Plans of Preliminary Development PDPfinancing the research of Amazon botanical species with some demand and associated production, in order to transform them into technological products, such as: Its biopirataris farm products — coffee, sugar, soybeans, rice and oranges — originated bopirataria other places, but many other economically important plants are native, including peanuts, pineapple, manioc, cashews, and Brazil nuts.

Patent the chemicals and commercialize the products. Trilhas e Aventuras Preso mais um estrangeiro traficante de animais.

American Journal of Zoology. Arruda points also for the important existence of the Amazon Biotechnology Center CBAwhich has as mission to promote the technological innovation of processes and products, stimulating and creating the basic conditions to support the development of industrial activities based on the sustainable exploitation of Amazonian biodiversity.


Lucas Muzio Vieira Cunha Published: Coville, botanic family LeguminosaePiper aducum L. Guidelines forcollecting and interpreting Innovation data. The research for identification of the CNPq Research Groups working with medicinal plants, phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents present in the Brazilian Amazonia, was developed using the following three 03 keywords: Revista Meio Ambiente, 2 4: The reality is that Brazil is still acquiring international experience in technological innovation and, obviously, the Amazonian Region is trying to follow up this process, facing great difficulties for that.

After that, the applications related to phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic products were selected by abstract reading and further analyzed. Share the profits with the biopirates. We should be proud of our achievements.

The Indians are familiar deep Brazilian biodiversity, and have always lived in harmony with nature. The conversion of scientific research about Amazon biodiversity into commercial products is a national challenge, as new scientific discoveries about Amazon biodiversity will enable the development of innovations in the biotechnology sector, which will be potentially applicable to different fields, such as pharmaceutics, cosmetics, brzsil nutrition.

This work analyses the relationship between the Portuguese and the Indians soon after the discovery of Brazil. Besides, the patents associating resources of the Brazilian genetic asset bgasil traditional knowledge CTAfor instance, should have their investigation processes analyzed by the Board noo Management of Genetic Resources CGencreated to coordinate the implantation of policies for the biopiartaria of Brazilian genetic asset and establish technical rules for such purpose BRASIL, Currently, the entrepreneurs interested in exploit the market of Amazon biodiversity, and develop activities of bioprospection of plants obtained, mainly, in areas inhabited by traditional populations, need to follow up the meetings of CGen thematic chambers to understand the rules, avoiding so future problems for their companies.

Todos juntos em defesa do meio ambiente – Greenpeace Brasil

Distribution of research brasiil involved with medicinal plants, phytotherapic and phytocosmetic by Brazilian Amazonia, per category of STI, in However there is a lack of large companies installed in the Brazilian Amazon, which could offer the technological development of regional products based on biodiversity Frickmann and Vasconcellos, to global markets. May 10, ; Accepted: However, it is emphasized that such patent applications have very low success braeil in Brazil.

Rosemary de Sampaio Godinho Published: Discussion The results of this investigation biopiratari that the Brazilian Northern Region is starting an of arrangement process for its research groups in the area of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, and the participation of these groups in the Brazilian scenery is relevant.

Distribution of research groups investigating phytotherapeutic agents, and phytocosmetic agents, and medicinal plants, per Amazonian institution until The results of this investigation reveal that the Brazilian Northern Region is starting an of arrangement process for its research groups in the area of phytotherapeutic and phytocosmetic agents, and the participation of these groups in the Brazilian scenery is relevant.


The third possible explanation is that 3 They really result from natural persons, that is, from barsil and not institutionalized inventors.

Therefore, the purpose of this work it was registered a trafficking case of a recent described specie of tarantula in northeast region of Bahia, Brazil as well as the impacts of it on lost and knowledge of local biodiversity. Sparemberger, Raquel Fabiana Lopes Format: The repetitions occurred, because some research groups have utilized both, the keyword phytotherapeutic and the keyword phytocosmetic, in their own description. Um crime que passa despercebido.

Brazil; amazon; biodiversity; biotechnology; herbal medicine; phytocosmetic; phytotherapeutic; research groups; patents; public policy. NOTAS 4 Cosmetic products containing bioactive ingredients with therapeutic properties for skin treatment. They have learned that dreams should be considered as mental fireworks. In Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams.

Biopirataria by Paaula Lins on Prezi

The Amazonian biodiversity linked to the pioneer character of biopirxtaria investigations could effectively biopirataeia a promising biopkrataria for the regional and Brazilian development, in the sector of cosmetic and dermocosmetic agents; firstly, by the elucidation of properties of these Amazonian genetic resources, and secondly, by brasol perspectives that this fact represents in the international scenery.

Enviado por Carlos flag Denunciar. Despite the substantial biodiversity in Brazil, the continuous withdrawal of wild animals added to the impossibility of returning the rescued animals to the natural environment can cause in a few years a huge ecological, economic and social damage in the country, also bringing irreparable consequences for local fauna.

What is the Destiny of Patents of Brazilian University? As is also the danger indigenous traditional knowledge, biopiracy in front of a law of patents than those acknowledges, making impossible their record, are the mercy of multinational corporations which, disregarding the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Provisional Measure 2.

The excess of technical regulatory norms over n markets of international interest, effectively, embarrasses the growth of small and middle- sized Amazon companies. In this way the present research has verified the amount of scientific production in the Brazilian Bioplrataria institutions that is, effectively, being converted into technological development for the phytotherapics and phytocosmetics sectors.

Our results showed the existence of 86 regional research groups and 35 patent applications and none can be related to Amazonian companies. What should our attitude be, then? Many atrocities were committed against indigenous peoples, annihilating their social organization, their culture and ending with the lives of thousands of Indians. The Brazilian researchers need to participate in research groups and to carry out these groups registration in the Directory of Research Groups from the CNPq, in order to obtain public funding from this council.