With Anna Kristín Arngrímsdóttir, Arnar Jónsson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Bergur Þór Ingólfsson. Tv movie frome the first chapters of the Icelandic Brennu-Njáls saga. Brennu-Njals Saga is the longest and most celebrated of the Icelandic Sagas. Though its events are set in the tenth and early eleventh centuries, the Saga. Written in the thirteenth century, Njal’s Saga is a story that explores perennial human problems-from failed marriages to divided loyalties, from the law’s inability .

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Gunnar next went to the court of the men of Broadfirth, and bade Hrennu listen to his oath and declaration of the cause of the suit, and to all the proofs which he was about to bring forward. Many men came to see Gunnar, and ask tidings of him; and he was easy and merry to all men, and told them all they wished to hear.

Then Hrut made a blow with the sword in his right hand at Thiostolf’s leg, just above the knee, and cut it almost off so that it hung by a little piece, and sprang in upon him at the same time, and thrust him hard back. Besides, he is a great friend of thine. Brennh Schicksal muss man Folge leisten Nord.

I digt findes samme ordspr. Gunnar cut at Hallgrim’s arm hard, and lamed the forearm, but the sword would not bite. They went south from Crossfell and found there a flock of wild sheep, and they went from the south towards the fell, and tried to drive them down; but still the sheep got away from them up on the fell.

She answered – “Hrut pushed that matter through rather by boldness than by law; besides, my father was old, and that was why men thought it better not to drive things to the uttermost. You must be a coward. Wer warnt, ist nicht brehnu Nord. But they have sent a spy-ship off the ness, and they know all about you. Arnguda was the name of Gunnar’s sister. My ship and Auzur’s shall go first, but thou shalt lay thy ship where thou likest.


Besides, I do not think the match as good a one as thou hast always promised me. Augmund went home, and when he saw Gunnhillda, he told her how his errand had ended, and that they would come, and Gunnhillda said. Gunnar said – “Now all men here present be ear-witnesses, that I challenge thee Hrut to single combat, and we shall fight nals on the holm, which is here in Axewater.

Hauskuld tells who he is, and asked what guests might be there in the house. Then he said, Hrut must summon once more, and Hrut did so. Jfr Stephanii upplaga s. See Saxo Kallstenius Njal took all Gunnar’s goods into his keeping.

Njáls saga – Wikipedia

The saga shows how even worthy people can destroy themselves by disputes and demonstrates the tensions in the Icelandic Commonwealth which eventually led to its destruction. So the maiden was sprinkled with water, and had this name given her, and there she grew up, and got like her mother in looks and feature. So Gunnar and Hallgerda set off for Bergthorsknoll, and when they got there Helgi and his wife were not at home.

Then she went to the Hill of Laws, and declared grennu separated from Hrut; and men thought this strange news. Gunnar brenmu him a golden finger-ring, and went afterwards to his men and told them that war-ships lay on the other side of the ness, “and they know njsls about us; so let us take to our arms, and busk us well, for now there is gain to be got”. But Hrut said – “Let us make his journey good; he has indeed had a heavy loss, and if we do that we shall be well spoken of.

Burnt Njal Saga

And many would think that we brothers would sooner have done this deed with the turn of temper that we have. Then Hrut took witness, and said the suit was naught, and that there was a flaw in the pleading; he declared that it had broken down because Gunnar had failed to call those three witnesses which ought to have been brought before the court. This Thorwald was a strong and courteous man, though somewhat hasty in temper.


He will ask if thou art from the North, and thou shalt answer that thou art a man of Eyjafirth.

He pursues them to Orkney and Wales. Then he went straight to Varmalek. Bold in deeds of derring-do, Burdeners of ocean’s steeds, Strength enough it seems they needed All to slay a single man; When shall we our hands uplift? He said he would do the work She set him to win; and so he went up into Redslip, and was to be there a week.

He stayed there for a few nights. Det samme findes i Norges gml. Gunnar let them have that choice, and he let them also count the slain, and take the goods which the dead men owned, but he gave the others whom he spared their arms and their clothing, and bade them be off to the lands that fostered them.

The Sigfussons believe reports that Kari has ridden north, but Flosi wisely doubts this is so: It does not hasten to seize, but when it does seize, it does not let go again. She answered him by telling him she could say nothing about his staying there before she had seen Glum about it.

The Story of Burnt Njal

He kept house at Gritwater on Fleetlithe. Tofi says the goods were under there, then they tossed off the wood, and sagw under it both gold and silver, clothes and good weapons. He made the land east in Hornfirth. Then down fell the bill, and Gunnar seized the bill, and thrust Hallgrim through, and then sang a song.

During the day Kolskegg took a rest on Gunnar’s ship, and Gunnar sees njalw. So thou shalt ride to Northwaterdale, and to Hrutfirth, and Laxriverdale, till thou comest to Hauskuldstede. Ikke volder den, det advarer.

After that they spoke no more of the matter, and Hauskuld made ready the bridal feast, and rode off to ask men to it.