TOPAS is the latest generation Rietveld software. The basics of the Rietveld method were published in the late ´s, when the Dutch. This is a free update fixing some issues as described in the TOPAS V – What’s New manual. Once downloaded, simply unzip the file to a temporary directory. TOPAS BBQ is a TOPAS variant designed for unattended operation in fully automated environments for process and quality control integrating all TOPAS.

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The main features include: Can’t find what you’re looking for? Real time OpenGL display of electron density with atom picking. Space group symmetry restraints can be applied to the electron density each CF iteration.

Purchasing Send an e-mail to AlanCoelho bigpond. Good for locating heavy elements or tracking atomic movements in general.

Tutorial 23 – Rietveld refinement of an organic molecule using restraints and rigid bodies. Overall speed has increased and refinement convergence improved.

TOPAS Software

His many ideas, suggestions, tutorials and rigorous testing has led to a multitude of breakthroughs and impovements. More than one person can of course use that computer but not at the same time; TA. EXE can be both run at the same time.


The BFGS method together with aggressive memory conservation techniques now allow for refinements comprising tens of thousands of parameters.

Free update for TOPAS V4.0 and V4.1 users

Preliminary tests have shown that only nine phase penalties are required to solve a centrosymmetric structure comprising 43 atoms in the asymmetric unit in a period of minutes. Can operate in any space group and not just P1.

Miscellaneous Examples Tutorial 29 – Quantitative Rietveld refinement.

Enhanced computer algebra routines whereby 10s of thousands of equations can be loaded and simplified without difficulty. They’re a collection of various tutorials from recent schools and user meetings. Ouput of more single crystal details with phase symmetry considered. Pages checked for Google Chrome. This tutorial takes you through three different ways of describing the low temperature magnetic structure of LaMnO 3.

Validation is also performed regarding the type of multivalued parameters used in equations. Tutorials in this section provide more examples. For example, an x coordinate written in terms of H, K, L etc Please contact us for more information. topaz

Durham Topas Tutorials

High density positions in the tooas can be searched and atomic positions extracted. The tutorial on combined refinement of ZrW 2 O 8 also explores these ideas.


Fit both neutron and X-ray data. This is due to an automatic Marquardt constant determination and the calling of the very fast BCCG routine twice to solve the normal equations were parameter limits violated.

Tutorial 24 – A complex use of rigid bodies to refine 3 molecules in asymmetric unit with z-matrix description of local bodies to constrain internal symmetry. Directly refine symmetry-mode amplitudes rather than traditional atomic xyz coordinates of a distorted superstructure. Improvements Bootstrap errors for fractional coordinates that are a function of a rigid body.

Version 4 solves structures that version 3 could not. Tutorial 10 – TiO 2 Rietveld starting from a manuwl file. Tutorial 19 – In this tutorial you’ll investigate the various peak shape functions that are used in Rietveld refinement packages.

TOPAS defines a new generation of profile and structure analysis software by seamlessly integrating all currently employed profile fitting techniques as well as related applications: This Quasi-Newton method has been modified to dampen changes in the system in early iterations of a refinement.