How to Configure Broadband On BSNL Teracom Modem in PPPoE Mode To configure BSNL Broadband Internet on Teracom modem, we don’t need to run the. Hello, This is my last resort of finding some help to help me connect to internet. ISP: BSNL The gave me wired model Type 1 (TeraCom) I. For this setup, BSNL modem comes with a CD, which frankly speaking, is the worst manual I have ever seen. We have to wait for almost a week.

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It is better select channel selection auto because then the device will choose the best channel automatically. Under Wirelessyou can change the current wireless password by changing the passphrase.

What do you say?

I have this disconnect issue with my laptop which has a N network card. Will I need to open the ports as well.

If you are not able to login to Teracom modem either your password is incorrect or you need to clear the cache and cookies in your browser. Actually what is the difference between type 1 modem and type 2 modem supplied by BSNL? Now onwards you need to enter this ten digit key to log in to your wireless network.

  IEC 60906 1 PDF

How to Configure Broadband On BSNL Teracom Modem in PPPoE Mode

Not understand why it is behaving like this. If you don’t remember them, I recommend you to perform hard reset by following the instructions provided in the same article. It is because WPA sometimes shows compatibility and connectivity issues. Let me have a research on this issue. I wake teeacom in the morning and configkration press again the connect button. If you select this as the security optionyou can type any hexa decimal number and A-F as the wireless key.

Thanks to solve my problem.

How to: Configure Modem & LAN settings for your BSNL Broadband Connection

To know more about teracom modem wireless settings follow the link below. Now enter the following details in the respective fields.

If it is a wireless connection, I recommend you to follow the steps provided in the link below. Hi Anand, If you select the option direct key, you should manually give a 10 digit hexa decimal key.

Hi Amitroutray, From the details of your comment, it is clear that the issue is at configuragion Nexus 10 side. Also if you face any problem, feel free to ask!

The connection set up is as follows: Start Command Prompt 3. Under admin, you can see firmware upgrade.


Need help to connect wireless – BSNL Teracom modem / CompUSA Router / Windows Vista (Urgent)

Could you answer the following questions? Have you changed the Teracom modem default username and password? By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. We have to wait for almost a week for the BSNL guys to come at our home and do the necessary configuration. Hai admin, there is problem that i can access internet from only one device over wifi of router vmc an its bsnl router.

You have to configudation it using a pen for at least 30 seconds. Anyway thank you for the suggestions.

My previous article teraco, about setup Internet connection on Teracom router. It is from Teracom as you mentioned here. Everything is done now.

Hope I have not confused too much? In manual configuration, we should login to the Teracom modem by typing the modem username and Password Teracom username and password is not the same BSNL Internet account username and password.