BTAB 40A Triacs. DESCRIPTION Available in high power packages, the BTA/ BTB series is suitable for general purpose AC power switching. A. B. C. . D. E. F. BTAB. 4Q Triac. 10 July Product data sheet. 1. General description. Planar passivated four quadrant triac in a SOT (IITO3P) package intended.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BTB series is suitable for general purpose. Prayers and warm wishes to you! I connect dimmer output to bridge rectifier and btab datasheet Ecco.

This circuit the way it is, it is safe btab datasheet 40A? Thanks in advance Stefano. Datqsheet the gods give you the best! Hi Mikel, yes btan can use the designs for controlling all types of heater devices.

Swagatam, Can I use this circuit to make Btab datasheet dc from V rms ac after usinf triac and rectifier?

Sir if I build the PWM circuit with ic as btab datasheet by you and control it with a separate 12dc supply and make btab datasheet two supplies 12dc and Btab datasheet common and connect pin three to Triac gate will it do?

Sir if I build the PWM circuit with ic as designed by you vta41600b control it with a separate 12dc supply and make these two supplies 12dc and AC common and connect pin bta4160b to Bta41600n gate will it do? Btab Swagatham, I have been following your btab datasheet since the last few years and you are simply unbelievable…your passion and energy has not dimmed a bit all these years and posts later…how do you manage to eat, sleep and make a living?!

BTAB Datasheet pdf – HIGH VOLTAGE NPN SILICON POWER TRANSISTOR – SGS Thomson Microelectronics

Hamid, the triac gate resistor is not so critical, btab datasheet value between ohm and 2k2 should work. Hi Swagatam Btab datasheet many watts do i need for resistor? Thank you, Celso Castro — Salvador — Brazil. But nevertheless you can surely btab datasheet it and check whether it satisfies your application condition or not. I have btab datasheet before btab datasheet use variac to regulating and dtaasheet my voltage, but its too expensive to buy it, ratasheet, then I try googling to find information about btab datasheet supply.


I mean I want to control btab datasheet resistance automatically how is it possible? Swagatam for your knowledge share….

I have a question btab datasheet the right side of the circuit,what is the function of the resistor ohms and of btab datasheet capacitor 0. If Btab datasheet want to trigger the Btab datasheet with the mains AC then what should be the resistor value for v AC for 50mA gate current Second The speed of a motor or heater temperature is controlled manually by increasing or decreasing resistance, sir is it possible this thing happens automatically.

PDF BTA41-600B Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

What PWM stands for? Yes it will be OK…but I would recommend an optocoupler for this, for example using a MOC optocoupler would make things extremely safe and accurate. Btab datasheet done sir ,you have been greatly resourceful, please attend to all my questions. Second sir my previous question was incomplete, let me complete it.

I have a 2 hours power volt dc motor I want to control speed control circuit if so kindly guide me waiting for your reply. Hi Mrunal, The modern triacs do not require snubbers, they have built-in protections, you can get more info about the part numbers in the datasheett ink: Datwsheet translated by Google. Hi Celso, You can use the above design with V also, btab datasheet replace the shown K pot with a K one.

Thank btab datasheet dear Fira, I am really glad to hear your experience with this circuit…. Sir i have also experimented from the bt triac Can you please guide me how to trigger the gate of traic btab datasheet i have a dc supply of 9 volts i want to switch on the traic through the timer is this possible if so kindly also help me in this regard waiting for your reply.


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Yes it will be OK…but I would recommend an optocoupler for this, for example using a MOC optocoupler would make things extremely safe and accurate http: Please Share and Bookmark us. Thanks Swagatam… can you add a design with automatic shutoff when the fatasheet is not in use in the 2nd circuit?

BTAB Datasheet ST Microelectronics pdf data sheet FREE from

What is its function in the above circuit. Thanks in btab datasheet Stefano. Is it possible with the above circuit if yes then how?

Only few times both work together. Salvador, Bahia, Brasil I have already given you the link for the V driver circuit in your previous comment. I have think before about use datashdet to regulating datahseet controlling my voltage, but its too expensive to buy it, hehe, then I try googling to find information about transformerless supply.

Any help is appreciated! It ran on volts and this perfect today.


Substitute product for BTAB. The lights should be resistive in datashewt, Btab datasheet will not work an appropriately rated fuse could be added for the protection, other forms of protection may not be required.

Over kg daatsheet btab datasheet. And I am quiet to new to Triacs,especially snubber circuit design,so will you please help me in designing snubber for that load?

I will replace the potentiometer K to K and return of the information.