Cabezas colosales olmecas. Responsibility: Beatriz de la Fuente. Edition: 1. ed. Imprint: México, D.F.: El Colegio Nacional, Physical description: p. Jul 23, XI – Olmec – Las cabezas colosales olmecas son por lo menos diecisiete representaciones monumentales de piedra de cabezas humanas. Cyphers Anne «Las cabezas colosales», Arqueología Mexicana, II (12), pp. Escultura olmeca de San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán, UNAM, Mexico.

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The headdress is of a single piece without a distinct headband. At the back of the head, ten interlaced strips form a cagezas decorated with disc motifs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Olmec colossal stone heads.

Parque-Museo La Venta

The period of production of the colossal heads is therefore unknown, as is whether it spanned a century or a millennium. The forehead is gathered in a frown. The Olmec colossal heads are stone representations of human heads sculpted from large basalt boulders. We are not able to decide whether the smaller captives are dwarfs because we do not even know whether some figures are standing or kneeling.

The city of San Lorenzo was succeeded as the main centre of the civilization by La Venta in about BC, with Tres Zapotes and Laguna de los Cerros possibly sharing the role; other urban centres were much less significant.

Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Their weapons differed from those used in wars; they consisted in stones, either hurled at the other party or used as shock weapons manoplas in hand to hand combat.

No arguments were then presented to back up this first suggestion that the colossal heads may have represented severed heads.

Chicago Park District The colossales syllogism goes as follows: Coronado Ruiz, Anabella — Front and profile views of the same sculpture are joined here at a single file of x pixels. Uses authors parameter link subscription required Minster, Christopher 27 December The lips are thick and slightly parted to reveal the teeth; the head has a pronounced chin. The workforce would have included sculptors, labourers, overseers, boatmen, woodworkers and other artesans producing the olmeczs to make and move the monument, in addition to the support needed to feed and otherwise attend to these workers.


Miller, Mary Ellen []. The backs of the heads are often flat, as if the monuments were originally placed against a wall.

canezas Compared to the efforts spent to transport the stone from its source to the site, the carving of another nose to the figure appears to me as a mere trifle! The traits of the colossal heads are found together on the two Atlantean dwarfs on Potrero Nuevo Mon.

Carved block after photo Couvreur. In any event, the chronicles, be they indigenous or Spanish, do not refer to any game in which the head was used to strike the ball.

Norman Hammond argues that the apparent stylistic differences of the monument stem from its unfinished state rather than its late production. The lips are thick and slightly parted. In the absence of any draught animals, the transportation of these blocks, on rafts in waterways and dragged over logs on earth, required considerable and well coordinated human efforts. The borrowing of feline cabezaas and mouth by nobles and rulers means that they wished to appropriate qualities attributed to the jaguar and the were-jaguar.

The head has a prominent headdress but this is badly eroded and any individual detail has been erased. Hand-made figurines; d, e. Palace, East Court, on both sides of stairway leading to Str.

Cabezas colosales olmecas in SearchWorks catalog

Ta-Ntalas Usage on mk. On the other hand, the stelae and altars are concentrated south of the main co,osales, not far from the center. San Lorenzo Monument 4″. Kappstatter, Bob 17 June Agrandir Original jpeg, 1,8M. Retrieved from ” https: If they are actually portraits, it is assumed that rulers were the most probable models.

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The erosion of a path passing on top of the monument uncovered its eye and led to the discovery of the Olmec site. Their noses are very broad and flat.

The Teotihuacan and the Olmec helmets bear a close resemblance, one to the other.

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The spools have the form of a rounded square with a circular sunken central portion. There we see the end of the colossal heads tradition with two monuments; Mon.

Some molded figurines coolosales behind the head, a frame adorned with rosettes. The backs of the monuments often are flat. Its exact date of discovery is unknown but is estimated to have been some time in the s, when it was struck by machinery being used to clear vegetation from Nestape hill. Cyphers from the same sourcep.

Colosalez colossal size are the sculptures first interpreted as altars, then as thrones, and that are probably neither.

Olmec colossal heads – Wikipedia

Only one earspool survives; it is flat, in the form of a rounded square, and is decorated with a cross motif. As a result, the top is fragmented, although the broken pieces were recovered by archaeologists and have been put back into place.

With the only exception of Cyphers, canezas hardly half-opens the door to doubt, the general belief is that the heads are portraits of rulers. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.