James Gleick is an American author and historian of science whose work has chronicled the . E Notes. ^ Doctorow, Cory (March 24, ). “James Gleick’s tour-de-force: The Information, a natural history of information theory”. Boing Boing. Few writers distinguish themselves by their ability to write about complicated, even obscure topics clearly and engagingly. In Chaos, James Gleick, a former. Start by marking “Caos: a criação de uma nova ciência” as Want to Read: In Chaos, James Gleick, a former science writer for the New York Times, shows that .

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This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat Then, for no reason whatsoever, it shifts into a different sort of behavior, still fluctuating but producing a different average. The Life and Science of Richard Feynman. Want to Read saving…. Department of Justice and the European Commission. ISBN Faster: It may be frustrating at times because there’s a lot the average reader won’t understand, but if you can just push through those parts there are some really interesting ideas.

Here he takes on the job of depicting the first years of the study of chaos–the seemingly random patterns that characterise many Few writers distinguish themselves by their ability to write about complicated, even obscure topics clearly and engagingly. After its demise, he returned to New York and joined as staff of the New York Times, where he worked for ten years as an editor and reporter.

And this is the greatest gift of the book. His first csos, Chaos: Preview — Chaos by James Gleick. You could not put the book down believing you now understand chaos theory, but you should have a better idea of its relevance, basic tenets, and, most importantly, where to look for a more focused examination.

James Gleick: «La información es un instinto básico, como el sexo o la comida» –

It’s a case study in political factions and egos, sometimes cooperation and always wonder at seeing the world in a new way.


Some chapters had me on the edge of my seat, or thinking “Ah ha! Chaos is a history of discovery. Or is that long enough to make a quick call or run in the next room to finish paying a bill? The way you see it depends on how you look at it.

More a biography of an idea than an explanation of a theory. A Chronicle from the Electronic Frontier, Pantheon. Want to Read saving…. Giving such beautiful accounts of the whol The last month has been quite interesting thanks to both Chaos and Sync. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use jamrs Privacy Policy. Books by James Gleick.

Among the unpredictability, there could be a pattern.

2 James Gleick books: Chaos: The Making of a New Science & Faster -Free Ship! | eBay

And also, I’ve learned way more than I ever did in school. But, perhaps, there is order inlaid in the chaos. It made the Butterfly Effect a household term, introduced the Mandelbrot Set and fractal geometry to a broad audience, and sparked popular interest in the subject, influencing such diverse writers as Tom Stoppard Arcadia and Michael Crichton Jurassic Park.

It’s quite the testament to how f Scientifically dense for sure, but a good explanation of recent advances in modern science. Ashish Singh Not to the extent that you will miss the point.

Caos La Creacion De Una Ciencia

Return to Book Page. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Puedes ahorrar tiempo y dinero si lo compras ahora. Department of Justice and the European Commission.

Retrieved May 29, Chaos, the concept, is often explained in terms of a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world, which tips some indescribable balance, leading to rain falling in another part of the world. This book was a disappointment. It was a blockbuster bestseller at the time, and it’s still well worth reading, a fascinating, enjoyable introduction to one of the most important scientific developments of our time–the birth of chaos theory.


Contains the obligatory Jurassic Park references in case you were worried. Their research had not advanced very far by the time this book was written in the mids. There are pieces and fractures in these books that actually DON’T escape me. Making a New Science, an international best-seller, chronicled the development of chaos theory and made the Butterfly Effect a household phrase. Three of these books have been Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalists, and they have been translated into more than twenty languages.

It’s another journalist writing about mathematics, though this one anticipated the Wikipedia Age by two decades.

Lists with This Book. I did, however, read the edition. The few things that kept being used as examples were the motion of water in a stream fluid dynamicsor air tubulence. So I’ll wait and see — for now I’ve other books to read that are calling.

I can see Strange Attractors and Fractals and unstable equilibriums in the most mundane places. In the words of Douglas Hofstadter, “It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order -and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order. Views Read Edit View history. Although, there are a lot of interesting avenues and applications that he points out which I didn’t know about.

How, when everything is so patterned, so ordered, just beyond presently beyond. This burn of the natural world, this magic of the unknown, is what draws me to read physics and philosophy as an absolute amature.