CATALOG-GUIDE Aluminum Panniers + Equipment Soft Luggage Touratech BMW R GS AIR COOLED () R GS ADV AIR COOLED (). Offroad with BMW RGS HP and Honda Adventure Sports in Tuscany. The whole story is available in the new Touratech catalog from mid-January So it is already for the third time that Touratech has won in the luggage The coveted prizes were awarded last night at the “Motorräder Dortmund ” fair.

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There is no restriction of ground clearance. The topcase rack can be used on its own or in conjunction with our pannier system. The GS engine guard is raised up so far at the front that any stones that are thrown up catalogk damage the engine block.

The bags are sold in pairs, and fit on the original crash bar. While striking in appearance, the Touratech crash bar extension fits in well with the overall look of the F GS. Windscreens are like seats: No more looking down or distractions to the side — your eyes are always poin- ted at the road.

For really rough use on off-road tours, you also have the safety of the classic and well-proven locking mechanism, because this need not be taken off! This high quality seat is supplied complete and ready-to-fit – there is no delay waiting for reuphols- tery work.

Internal bag for toolbox Organise your travel toolkit! Crash bungs replacement cover set Cylinder guard not included!

The seats are made from the highest-grade materials and especially customised to ergonomic requirements over long distances. The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelera- tor in position. Use these crash- bars and even major falls will no longer be a horrifying experience. Significantly increases touring comfort. The first version of the Desierto replaced the entire stem structure and peculiar rectangular headlight. With these seat modules you will no longer have to be afraid of very long-distance journeys when riding on your own or with somebody else.


But for all this technical perfection, Touratech products are primarily a means to an end. At the heart of the system is the base plate. Despite its flatter design, this bag still offers an impressive amount of space. With our stainless steel brake lever you can reduce this risk easily and effectively because of the folding back end.

Even with this compact size, our PDS is ins- talled. The required settings are made by hand, and the motor- cycle is balanced according to the load.

Besides tools and other objects, you can also pack your rain outfit and food for the trip into the case. The shapely guard made of stainless steel protects the front ABS sensor from coarse dirt and stones.

Touratech Catalog

The toruatech foot base also allows longer distances to becovered comfortably while standing on the footpegs. For example, mobile phones or GPS units can thus be plugged into the cockpit directly without having to run annoying cables around the motorbike. Made exclusively of strong, electropolished stainless steel, the crash bar will not rust.

Our guard quite simply prevents this. Therefore we have decided to increase the total volume to 36 litres inclu- ding the standard tank. tluratech

With this comfortable and actively- breathing cztalogo, you will EXPerience ple- asant and relaxing riding, even on long trips – and you can forget toratech high temperatures and tuoratech midity!


This strong Hard Part, made of 3 mm stainless steel, is a replacement for this angle bracket, tourafech provi- des additional support for the radiator on the filler neck. With the standard version water sprays from the ground in front of the cockpit when it is raining Especially on long-distance trips, the lowest position imProves riding comfort considerably as it enables a relaxed riding position. A mix of stain- less steel and black anodised aluminium components ensure the base extension looks good and provide full stability.

Using the original BMW base mount on its own does not sufficiently protect the Navigator against the vibrations that occur specifi- cally on motorcycles. Maximum strength is provided by multiple folded ridges in the 4 mm thick aluminium base plate, while an additional lower stainless steel attachment plate on the engine ensures the force of an impact is distributed over a large area via 6 bolting points.

To achieve all this, it was necessary to make attachment kits specifically for these bikes.

Best Brand Awards: Huge Success for Touratech

Fits standard head- lights and our twin headlights. It reduces the surface temperature by significantly reflecting infrared light radiation and providing a cooler feeling when mounting a motor- cycle parked in the sun.

Furthermore, it blends perfectly with the design of the R GS.