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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Objetivos. Se realizaron regresiones lineales entre hemoglobina observada y hematocrito. Mean difference between the values of observed and estimated hemoglobin was Anemia intrahospitalaria y descenso de hemoglobina en pacientes internados.

Adult presentation of Bartter syndrome type IV with erythrocytosis

Esto se ha relacionado a extracciones de laboratorio. Pocos estudios evaluaron su prevalencia y factores asociados en pacientes internados en sala general. Se analizaron internaciones consecutivas en sala general. Presentaron anemia pacientes La anemia intrahospitalaria tuvo una elevada prevalencia.

Los datos del Hto procedieron de Los valores del hematocrito: The hematocrit Ht, as an indicator of anemia avultos individuals and populations, shows variations in relation to mesologic and genetic factors.

Do total de 5. As amostras foram provenientes de 24 cidades de doze estados. The human hemoglobins, with genetically defined inheritance patterns, have shown. Las hemoglobinas presentes en los microorganismos se han dividido en tres grupos. En el segundo se encuentran aquellas hemoglobinas que presentan dos dife Anemia intrahospitalaria y descenso de hemoglobina en pacientes internados Hospital-acquired anemia and decrease of hemoglobin levels in hospitalized patients.

Foram colhidas amostras de 15 ml de sangue com anticoagulante. Full Text Available The effect was studied of clorophilic juice from germinated corn on blood seric lipids, uric acid, glucose, hemoglobine and hematocrite.

Nine adults dd average age 44 years and who presented hypertriglyceridemia received daily 30 ml doses of the juice during 2 months. Hemoglobin increased significantly p: This natural treatment could be useful in regulating blood lipids and other biologic risk factors for coronary arteriosclerosis, without the toxic efects shown by some lipid control drugs. Las concentraciones promedio iniciales en mgl dl que eran de 6.

Opliglobulia Text Available The present study aimed to determine the types of hemoglobin in Hampshire Down crossbreed sheep, and verify that this locus is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. There have been collected 46 blood samples of healthy Hampshire Down crossbreed sheep.

Adult presentation of Bartter syndrome type IV with erythrocytosis

These samples were used to separate the hemoglobin per electrophoresis. The qui square test? Foram coletadas 46 amostras de sangue de ovinos Hampshire Down, considerados clinicamente sadios. Pelo teste do qui-quadrado realizado? Hemoglobinopathies are among adulots most prevalent hereditary diseases in humans. Studies in different areas of Brazil have identified the prevalence of S and C abnormal hemoglobins. The study analyzed 1, cord blood samples of newborns from maternity hospitals in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State, to investigate the prevalence of abnormal hemoglobins.

Electrophoresis in agar gel pH 6.

The results show causxs need to implement screening for. Haplotipos del gen de la globina beta en portadores de hemoglobina S en Colombia. Abnormal haemoglobins in the newborn human population of Costa Rica. Hemoglobinopathies are hereditary autosomic recessive diseases. Five cases are homozygous for hemoglobin S sickle cell disease and one shows the double heterozygous genotype SC. Thus, the prevention of new cases is important through the testing of hemoglobin in the Costa Rican National Newborn Screening.

Full Text Available Some hemoglobin variants polivlobulia abnormal oxygen affinity have been reported so far from various regions of the world. They can be classified by their oxygen affinity and 15 variants with low oxygen affinity have been reported. A number of hemoglobin mutants which show an abnormal affinity for oxygen have been reported, but only few cases of hemoglobin Kansas.


All cases reported so far are from Japan or in Japanese families. In this paper we describe a Brazilian patient with cyanosis and hemoglobin Kansas diagnosed by an electrophoretical procedure.

To establish the frequency of hemoglobinopathies and thalassemias in patients with non-ferropenic anemia, 58 patients with confirmed non-ferropenic anemia and non-anemic individuals control group were studied.

In order to detect as early as possible those couples at high risk for having children with sickle cell anemia, it was established in the national health system in l that the screening of abnormal hemoglobins in daultos women poliglobulja be made at the time of catchment.

In the distribution plliglobulia health areas by intervals polglobulia to the percentage of early indication the following results were obtained: It is observed a significant improvement concerning the fulfillment of this measure. It is still necessary to enhance spreading, mainly in those health areas with deficiencies.

Seguridad alimentaria, crecimiento y niveles de vitamina A, hemoglobina y zinc en ninos preescolares del nordeste de Brasil. Curva de hemoglobina em um grupo de gestantes normais Hemoglobin curve in a normal pregnant women group. Through hemoglobin determinations made in various stages of pregnancy, in pregnant women with no iron supplementation ad hoc chosen out of a number dausas in the period from toa curve was constructed with the average rate of hemoglobin, which gave evidence of a drop that reaches its maximum around the 7th month of pregnancy and rises from that moment on.

From this a working graph was built up and then it was discussed its importance in the diagnostic and treatment in anemia in pregnancy. Full Text Available The distribution of hemoglobin types was investigated in blood samples of health sheep, included adult and young animal, breeder in Bahia State. Blood samples were collected by venipuncture of the jugular in tubes containing E.

Two migrations bands associated to allele HbA and HbB were found, corresponding to the three genotypes: The gene frequency of the allelic HbA and HbB were, respectively 0,69 and 0, The fetal haemoglobin was no longer detectable in any sheep. The hemoglobin polymorphism occurred among the sheep being the homozygous genotypes Hb-AA predominant. Algunos aspectos de actualidad sobre la hemoglobina glucosilada y sus aplicaciones Some updated features on glycosylated hemoglobin and causxs applications.

Glycosylated hemoglobin is an examination measuring cwusas amount of hemoglobin glycosylated in blood and gave a good estimated of the glycemia control during the last three months in prediabetic and diabetic persons, thus, usually it is used in monitoring of this disease.

An expert committee on diabetes created inanalyzed the relationship between the long-term glycemia exposition and the chronic complications of diabetes mellitus, and recommended this type of test loliglobulia a new diagnostic tool for this disease.

Due to the significance of this topic for medical practice, an updated description of backgrounds, methodology, interpretation and uses of this examination is performed.

Haplotipos de la hemoglobina S: Agamma propia de la edad adulta. La electroforesis de hemoglobina: A practical guide is presented for the indication of hemoglobin electrophoresis used in the screening of abnormal hemoglobins in the Programme for Prevention of Sickle Cell Anemia, standing in Cuba at present, as well as the interpretation of phenotype and the risk of having children with hemoglobinopathies SS or SC.

Functional behavior of tortoise hemoglobin Geochelone denticulata Comportamento funcional da hemoglobina da tartaruga Geochelone denticulata. Full Text Available The hemolysate from Geochelone denticulata contains two main hemoglobin components, as shown by ion exchange chromatography and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis PAGE. Electrophoresis under dissociating conditions showed three types of globin chains.


The apparent molecular mass, as determined by gel filtration on Sephadex G, was compatible with tetrameric Hb, which was unable to polymerize. The Hb oxygenation appears to be under the control of organic phosphates and hydrogen ion since it is strongly affected by those species. The n50 was generally lower than 1.

ph hematocrito hemoglobina: Topics by

In the presence of organic phosphates n50 values increased to approximately 2. The Bohr effect was evident in oxygen equilibrium experiments.

Thus, the oxygen capacity of blood appears to be higher in G. This paper presents a design of a marine instrument for the measurement of pH in seawater. The extracted data are useful for scientists researching ocean acidification. La hemoglobina glucosilada se ha utilizado como una de las principales herramientas para monitorear el adecuado control de la diabetes. Foram acompanhadas 31 gestantes isoimunizadas com cwusas do teste de Coombs indireto maior que 1: A dopplervelocimetria da cava inferior e do ducto venoso foi realizada antecedendo a coleta do sangue fetal, sempre em intervalo de tempo inferior a 24 horas.

Foram observados nos testes de rastreamento de hemoglobinas anormais nestas amostras de sangue: Full Text Available The studied family showed the presence of four different types of hemoglobin. The propositus has three children, all of which have Hb AC; none of the family members showed any clinical symptoms.

The investigation of the hemoglobin arose from the finding of target red cells in a blood test done during the pre-operatory examination for lower limb varicose vein stripping. The hybrid Hb CG-phila is due to two gene pairs, each of which with individual expression, determining the synthesis and the particular type subunits.

Hemoglobin C Hb C originated in the west of Africa and is detected by alkaline electrophoresis by slow migration in cellulose acetate. It consists of a mutation of the beta globin gene in codon 6 GAG-AAG, resulting in a substitution of ds acid, the sixth amino acid of the beta string of the human hemoglobin, for lysine. High performance chromatography HPLC separates the C and A2 fractions completely, allowing the acultos of the presence of interactions with thalassemia beta.

This entity Hb CC is considered benign in respect to sickle cell disease, as sickle poligloublia are not part of its physiopathology. The rarity of the diagnosis of homozygous C and beta thalassemia in patients with hemoglobinopathies showed the necessity of studying clinical and hematologic adkltos of the cases of this mutation in homozygosis carriers and the interaction with beta thalassemia in the anemias clinic of the Regional Blood.

Considering the significant frequency of hemoglobinopathies in the Brazilian population and the necessity of establishing a reliable methodology, quick, reproductive and possible to be applied in a large number of samples, it was the objective of this work to analyze the differences on electrophoretic procedures with cellulose acetate and acid agar compared with isoelectric focusing IEF, and to establish a standard of migration, presenting main positions of abnormal hemoglobin, based on Brazilian population hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin structural abnormalities are among the most commonly found human genetic diseases. As expected, hemoglobins S, C and D were the most frequently observed variants, but an expressive number of other abnormal, novel and rare hemoglobins, was also detected.

These findings are summarized in the present article. Ph 3AsO adducts which have been characterized by infrared spectroscopy. A discrete structure is suggested for both, the environment around the tin centre being trigonal bipyramidal, the triphenylacetate anion behaving as a mondentate ligand.