It’s time for, The Most Obnoxious Clapotis in the World. And it’s finished! In this post I just wanted to give some hints and tips for a few people. I’ve had a number of requests for my Clapotis Spreadsheet excel file. I can see what an incredible Clapotis you have added to the universe!. (from ) French women are known for wearing scarves. Starting in September and until summer arrives, this is a most important accessory.

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Collaborating with other knitters will get her pattern more exposure, more word of mouth and very likely, more sales. The more I explore your site, the more I find to like and agree with.

Why are the artists so inward thinking and unwilling to share their skills? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I knit a chapatis years ago and want to knit another one but need a new spreadsheet. View my complete profile.

Where is the Clapotis chart/spreadsheet?

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Hi, I also am unable to see the spreadsheet. One thing about the spreadsheet is that it’s just words and numbers.

I believe there is plenty of business for everyone.

Check it out here. The pattern itself is made up of a simple 6-stitch repeat knitted in row sections.


Clapotis – AFFIKNITY

This shows the finished dimensions 21 inches wide and 55 inches long and illustrates the unique construction – it’s knit from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, making a parallogram.

Clapotis – Closeup by Whiskey Flickr. We start off with just 2 stitches on our needle — and go through a section of increases, which is where we make the Clapotis the overall width that we want it to be.

This makes the 6 stitch repeat as follows on the RS: I call that greedy. Hopefully by now you’ve selected your yarn if not, check out this post for suggestions, or come by the shop and we’ll be happy to help! I started mini clapotis last night and already I had to frog because I lost count of where I was. Yarn weight Aran 8 wpi? Skip to content June 25, affiknity. June 27, at 6: Now, call me crazy, but it seems to me that if I buy a pattern I should be able to do whatever I want with it except sell it on spreaxsheet, of course.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This site uses cookies. I find the pattern directions absolutely dizzying!

The GrimmWitch of Jersey. Above all I just encourage people to have a go — if you begin to follow the pattern it soon becomes clear how it works and spreadsheef to combine any changes you want to make.

Published in Knitty, Fall Two xlapotis of Chroma would have given me a longer scarf. This was a super easy and fun knit. Bonnie April 25, at 7: Then I noticed that she asks us not to make to sell the products in the book.


Collaboration vs. Competition (and Clapotis Tips Too)

You are commenting using your WordPress. Is there a specific kind of yarn that it is better to knit with? I love the Clapotis pattern and reworked a spreadsheet because I am for sure a row and stitch count knitter. I think the time and materials I put into a knitted item, say a shawl, are quite a contribution, and give capotis the right to sell it, gift it, keep it, or even destroy it if I wish.

The Clapotis is essentially a parallelogram.

Cast-On Cottage: Getting Ready for the Clapotis.

It is as ludicrous as if I tried to limit what is made from my hand spun yarn or hand dyed roving. We’re hearing lots of interest in our next KAL, the Clapotis – the more the merrier Newer Post Older Post Home.

But no worries if you haven’t! Besides, we geeky accountants love our spreadsheets–especially when someone else takes the time to create them. Posted in knitting 5 Comments. I can’t get to the spreadsheet using the link.