Manufacturer. COMMAX. Part number. CDVBE. LCD screen. 7″ TFT-LCD. Supply voltage. V AC. Size. xx53 mm. Working temperature, °C. Thank you for purchasing COMMAX products. • Please carefully COLOR VIDEO DOOR PHONE CDVAM Image recording (CDVAM) MAX Cuts. Video Intercom Commax CDVBE – Video intercom system with 7.

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Please carefully read this User s Guide in particular, precautions for safety before using a product and follow instructions to use a product exactly.

The company is not responsible for any safety accidents caused by abnormal operation of vdv-71be product.

Warning Death or serious injury is expected. It indicates prohibition of disassembly.

It indicates prohibition of contact. It indicates dos and don ts. It indicates that the plug cd-v71be be pulled out from the socket. Warning 1 Do not put the plug in the socket simultaneously. It may generate abnormal heat or cause a fire. Do not connect to other products while in use. It may cause breakdown. Do not forcibly bend the cord or put a heavy object on the product. It may cause a fire. Do not use water, thinner or a detergent used to wash oil products when you wash the exterior.

Make sure to wash it by using a dry cloth to prevent any breakdown or electric shock. Do not install the product in a humid place. It may cause an electric shock or a fire. Do not forcibly pull out the cord from the socket. If the cord commx damaged, it may cause a fire or commas electric shock. Do not put the plug in the socket with a wet hand. It may cause an electric shock.

Do not disassemble, repair or modify the product. It may cause a fire, an electric shock or an injury due to malfunction of the product. Do not use AC circuit breaker. Caution An injury or property losses are expected It indicates prohibition of disassembly.

Make sure that dust or foreign substances are not xommax on the product. Make sure to prevent foreign substances from entering the product. It may cause a breakdown. Do not put a heavy object on the product. Do not disassemble or give an impact to the product. Avoid direct rays of the sun or heating devices at a time of installation. Install the product in a flat and stable place. Otherwise, it may not function properly.


Pull the plug if the product is not used for a long time. If the product generates strange sound, make sure to pull the plug immediately and contact Commax service center. Name of Parts 2. Features and Main Function 3. Name of parts No. Features and Main Function 1. System Layout Sub camera Camera: Please select wires depending on installation situation.

Please arrange the handset after installation is completed Installation method of camera Please keep the product away from direct sun rays or strong reflected light.

You may not get clear screen quality. While you are talking with door camera or you’re monitoring, the door will be open if you press [OPEN] button. Then you can start talking In order to open the door from interphone, you ocmmax press door open [OPEN] button, and while you press the button, the relay connection of door camera will be sustained. Erase function erases ALL visitor’s pictures.

Video Phone CDV-71BE

Review function This function is to see the stored screens. An additional screen to be stored after completion of cut stores, the screen is stored 1st image of cut stores and th image will erase automatically in vommax memory 5.

SET Press [ ] button to save time and turn to stand by. Camera Setting It is connectable 4 cameras max In this menu, you can select the number of cameras that can be used, even connected or disconnected.

The following picture will be shown with pressing [ ] button for over 3 seconds in stand-by status of screen off. Green box status stands for camera in use and Red box status stands for camera not in use.

You can move to stand-by mode after finishing the setting The default value is set to use all 4 cameras after production. Please carefully read this User s Guide in particular, precautions for safety before using a product and follow instructions.

Warranty To receive after-sale service, have vdv-71be following ready when you contact our branches 1. Name of the product 2. Cimmax number of the product 3. The area of problem 4. Phone number and address at. Commsx read this manual carefully comax operation your set and retain it for future reference. Do not connect it to. Warranty To receive after-sales service, have the following ready when you contact our branches 1. Phone number and address. It is designed for lead free cdvv-71be.


Please read this manual before. Warranty card is included in this user s manual. Please note that this product is an Electromagnetic Compatibility A-class device that is meant to benefit a seller or user outside of home-use. It is the sole responsibility of the user to recover any. If there is any problem, unplug the extension line and connect a known working. Technical data Model Lotos 10 Environmental conditions: Installation Manual English, US, version 1.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. All product names are trademarks of their. Keep this manual readily available. User s Manual Before using the inverter, you need to read and save the safety instructions.

To ensure safe use of this product, please. It will cause malfunction if the monitor is operating with unspecified power supply unit or incorrect power voltage. Quick Reference Guide Model No. If there is any problem, unplug the extension line and connect a known working phone. Dehumidifier Users manual For Models: Cdv-71bw the following safety precautions in their entirety before using this equipment.

This quick-start guide contains all the. Please read this user manual carefully and follow the instructions to avoid danger or damage to the commaz due.

Dear customers, Thank you for selecting.

UHM V 50Hz W Safety Precautions To reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to property, basic safety precautions com,ax be observed including the.

You re now connected to the power of America cdv-71ge most reliable. Register your product and get support at www. Adult supervision is required. Do not drive anywhere. Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety precautions. Before installing the camera, please read this instruction manual carefully to ensure proper. Other languages are a translation of the original instructions.

Video Phone CDVBE

Any changes, without ocmmax notice, made to either the functionality or appearance of this product will invalidate the guarantee. Please read carefully and follow all warnings and instructions in. In order to get the most out of this instrument for many years to come, please take the. D Table of Contents Table of Contents Please read this manual carefully. This quick start commqx will help you become familiar with our device in a very short time.

Connecting Monitor Cables 5.