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Volume 34 Issue Decpp. A contemporary literary critic wrote in a review that “she hasn’t reached yet the will to fight against bourgeois decadence”, and that “the enemy is deeply nestled in her being” In the case of women, the need for such a pioneering exploration was even more urgent and its absence more tragic, especially considering the failure of a woman- friendly political doctrine.

Der Donauraum

Volume 18 Issue 1 Decpp. To a western visitor the post-communist public space felt unnaturally restrained in its physical manifestations and its people unnecessarily uncommunicative. I reproduce here a poem by Ana Blandiana, which reveals an analytic insight concerning the possibility of self-choice.

Magda rated it really liked it Dec 21, Volume 4 Issue JG Decpp. Log In Sign Up. What Reid describes as a “survival kit” for the Soviet woman was also a common practice in communist Romania: Though the task of generating symbolic gendered language was undertaken by men, the continuity of this symbolic gender opposition was also socially enacted and preserved by women through self-ascription.

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Creştetul gheţarului by Constanţa Buzea

Such an escape of the household was a very risky physical enterprise even for women in communism. The unshared responsibilities of parenthood, specific to couples during the Regime, determined separate experiences.


Volume 38 Issue 3 Decpp. Nevertheless, by the last decade of communism one found more and more women adopting a sober, rigorous style than ever before. Kitsch as decorative art was extremely visible inside the communist household, where the female housekeeper introduced it as an alternative to the stultifyingly bleak communist public space. While in power, be it administrative, executive or merely ideological i. Volume 16 Issue 4 Decpp. Pa vei arbeidsbok a1og a2 ebook download as pdf file.

Volume 52 Issue Decpp. Volume 17 Issue 4 Decpp.

Diana Simion rated it liked it Nov 28, The conventional gender division in communist countries retained its hold on the domestic sphere, requiring that “the aesthetic decisions, attention to surfaces, decorative touches and soft furnishing belonged to women” Reid Andreea rated it liked it Jul 23, A common set of coping strategies was fashionable in the Eastern Bloc: Such a courageous bodily-unfolding is a prerequisite for female-subject-development, a poiesis requiring a nomad body: Diana rated it liked it Apr 22, Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable.

She argues that such a female masculinity will make space for a new site of the non-feminine. Volume 31 Issue 1 Decpp. She opposes the eternal vow qua ritual with the rape qua ritual. Remember me on this computer. Subsequent women-poets were “lucky” enough to encounter a more gender- friendly canon, as socialist realism gradually loosened its tight grip over Romanian intellectual life. Gender studies have a long history obscured in the East by women’s aversion to the communist politics of their own propagandized emancipation.

Peste cele doua, citeva priviri aruncate asupra elitei scriitorilor romani. Nevertheless, the democratization of knowledge that followed – education was simultaneously newly offered to both women and lower classes – did nothing but increase the fear of a cultural decline among the old generation of male-administrators of the public space. Volume 36 Issue Decpp.


The alternate world to which she refers is the world offering a gendered experience — the one that leaves you cold “under sword-like gazes”. Nevertheless this doesn’t make her less relevant for an overall gender analysis of the communist period. Volume 49 Issue Decpp. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules. This is a fragment of one of her poems, among many from those days: Volume 1 Issue 1 Decpp. Nevertheless, hints of a woman-text are there within her writing, and are instrumental in revealing what Pollock calls a “feminine textual body as a trace of a female libidinal economy” There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Her narrative strategies lure feminist issues into allegoric playfulness, and she describes thetarului own writings as “auto-fictions”. Volume 10 Issue 3 Decpp. Yet in a communist context, female masculinity was not particularly unusual, for the regime encouraged adult masculinity in women, read as non-femininity.

The structure of student enrollment in higher education institutions in selected countries according to types of study in Notes on the ‘Political Economy’ of Gghetarului. We should also notice her concern with being either-or, a well-known trope of a woman’s becoming. Volume 53 Issue 2 Maypp. In her confessions she repeatedly attempts to come to terms with her own female identity.

Ela rated it it was amazing Oct 12, Volume 54 Issue Julpp.