Defense Style Questionnaire (DSQ) is a self-report instrument designed to measure defense mechanisms. Although commonly used, the. J Nerv Ment Dis. Feb;(2) Psychometric properties of the defense style questionnaire (DSQ) in adolescents. Ruuttu T(1), Pelkonen M, Holi M. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On May 1, , H Chabrol and others published Validity study of DSQ (Defense Style Questionnaire. The item version).

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The shortage of studies using the DSQ in early adolescents indicate the need for further exploration of the appropriateness of the use of DSQ for this age group Cramer, If I have an aggressive thought, I feel the need to do something to compensate for it.

Psychometric properties of the defense style questionnaire (DSQ) in adolescents.

The second factor consists of immature defenses: Implications for preventive inclusive strategies. Her main research interests cover aspects of decision-making under risk and personality. Also, mature defenses were associated with lower risk of victimization and neurotic defenses with lower risk of bullying possibly indicating that victims might be considered more emotionally mature than Fonagy, Also, our setting did not permit test-retest examination which would have provided a complete picture of the reliability of the DSQ Cattell recommended retaining all eigenvalues in the sharp descent before the point at which the plot begins to level off.

Journal of Research in Personality42— To our knowledge, this is the first study exploring the psychometric properties of the DSQ in an early-aged sample. As discriminant validity indicates also the ability of a scale to distinguish different groups of individuals, we performed three separate logistic regression analyses see Table 5 to dsfense whether individual scores in the questionnaie Defense Styles Immature, Mature, Image-distorting and Neurotic could predict: However, no study has explored the psychometric properties of the DSQ in younger populations i.

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The application of electronic computers to factor analysis.

However, none of these versions has been used widely. Bond suggests personal communication the devense of the DSQ in late childhood and adolescence simply pointing out the need for some items to be appropriately reworded.

Human Communication Research28— Studies exploring the defnese structure of DSQ present altered versions revealing, three Muris et al. The results in Table 4 show that the Mature factor was positively associated with Psychological Well-being whereas dq Neurotic factor was positively associated with paternal acceptance and Psychological Well-being.

Greater maturity of defense styles was associated with lower scores in bullying behaviours and with higher scores of psychological well-being and parental acceptance.

Young adult identities and their pathways: Permission to conduct the research was granted by the Greek Ministry of Education. Research has indicated that defense styles measured by the DSQ are associated with psychological adjustment and psychopathology Pour et al.

Psychometric properties of the defense style questionnaire (DSQ-40) in adolescents.

Please review our privacy policy. Psychometric properties in three different samples. In parentheses we present the cross-loadings and in italics are the retained loadings on Factors questiojnaire and 2. Comprehensive Psychiatry51 6— The defense mechanisms loading on this factor are: However, the study has some limitations.


Defense Style Questionnaire

An empirically validated hierarchy of defence mechanisms. Nevertheless, all Cronbach alphas were greater than 0. A year follow-up of 30 men selected for psychological health. Brazilian—Portuguese version of Defensive Style Questionnaire for the assessment of defense mechanisms: The second defense style had also a cross-loading more than. Lastly, studies have linked immature defense mechanisms with the development of various psychological difficulties such as anxiety and depression Qjestionnaire et al.

Scores for defense mechanisms and defense styles are formed by averaging the ratings for relevant items. Two hundred and sixty-five children and early adolescents took part in this study, of which Regarding the examination of other psychometric characteristics, we used correlations coefficient sdq test the DSQ internal consistency.

I often find myself being very nice to people who by all rights I should be angry at. Archives of General Psychiatry43 3— The psychometric properties of the DSQ have not been widely explored in younger populations, apart from a fine-grained study carried out by Ruuttu and colleagues The third factor, also in line with Ruuttu et al.