David Dreman, author and money manager, wrote one of the seminal books on contrarian investing, Contrarian Investment Strategies: The. These books are the basis for the AAII David Dreman screen. Dreman Screen. Dreman’s contrarian investment strategy seeks out medium- and large-sized. courses: Living in the Environment, 16th edition ( pages, Brooks/Cole ),. . B. Millman, University of Massachuse.

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I liked Contrarian Investment Strategies: When the enormous surge of speculative enthusiasm ends and the bubble begins to implode the crowd becomes as extreme in its panic as it was euphoric.

Psychological detrimental factors that prevent one from being a successful investor. It’s worth the read or even just a skim.

Dreman also writes a column for Forbes Magazine. Basically he states to stay away from bonds and use stocks and real estate for the inflation he expects. Dreman is also one of a handful of money managers whose clients have beaten the runaway market over the past five, ten, and fifteen years.

Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Classic Edition by David Dreman

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. With contrarian investing contrariann is essential – 30 to 40 stocks. Now, as the longest bull market in the history of the stock market winds down, there is increasing volatility and a great deal of uncertainty.

Through this book, Dreman systematically demonstrated the absurdity of such an assumption, and proved that the market is everything but rational.

The school technical analysis views that all fundamental information about a security has already been reflected in the price. Jul 25, Yang Strategoes Wen rated it really liked it. Basically a book on value, buy and hold investing.


Our beliefs, values and attitudes can be thought to lie along a continuum. Published May 18th by Free Press first published January 12th He also provides things to consider when hiring a broker and financial advisor. Fundamental analysis sounds far more logical than technical analysis, but itself also rest on a bed of psychological quicksand. Backing up the data is a lengthy but good discussion on investor psychology along the lines of Shiller’s Irrational Exuberance that goes through the main behavioral biases that provide opportunities for value investors.

After graduating, he worked as director of research for Rauscher Pierce, senior investment officer with Seligman, and senior editor of the Value Line Investment Service. Since surprises are a way of life in the market, Dreman shows you how to profit from these surprises with his ingenious new techniques, most of which have been developed in the nineties.

Lists with This Book. The more vague and complex the situation is, the more we rely on other people whose intelligence we respect.

David Dreman – Contrarian Investment Strategies – PDF Drive

Open Preview See a Problem? His Kemper-Dreman High Return Fund has been the leader since its inception in — th David Dreman’s name is synonymous with the term “contrarian investing,” and his contrarian strategies have been proven winners inevstment after year. Representativeness strategles natural human tendency to draw analogies and see identical situations where none exist. The book concludes with a warning about high frequency trading, a description of the GFC, an overview of the 4.

Based on cutting-edge research and irrefutable statistics, David Dreman’s revolutionary techniques will benefit professionals and laymen alike. Remember to think for yourself and do not follow the crowd!


Saliency leads people to recall distinctively good or bad events disproportionally to the actual frequency. Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman’s “law of small numbers” – when too much faith has been put on too small sampling size. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Dreman has published many scholarly cobtrarian and he has written four books.

Very very good book! On Contrarian Investment Strategy.

Contrarian Investment Strategies: The Classic Edition

They have stratsgies grouped into 3 categories: Patrick rated it it was amazing Sep 25, Phil rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Stefan Verstraeten rated it it was amazing Dremah 30, Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon Human processes dremah small proportion of info he receives. He debunks fad systems and even fundamental analysis. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. CAPM was rejected by Eugene Fama, father of EMH as early aswho stated that “Beta as the sole variable in explaining returns on stocks is d This book is updated recently by the author, David Dreman, a pioneer on behavioral investing and a true contrarian.

Recency and saliency play a big part in IPO investing. That alone earns kudos from me. The book concludes with a warning about high frequency trading, a description of the GFC, an overview of the dangers of inflation and some thoughts on free vs.