Read Drip Drop Teardrop online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile . Drip Drop Teardrop is a Fantasy novel by Samantha Young. Drip Drop Teardrop, a novella by Samantha Young pages Published May 9, Buy at Amazon Avery hasn’t had it easy. When she was. Drip Drop Teardrop by Samantha Young Even Death Can Fall in Love Avery hasn’t had it easy. When she was ten years old her parents died.

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I thought it was a little short, then I read it saantha a novella. Where can we find you online? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I think the concept for the Ankou reaper is really interesting, and the idea that people move on based on what they believe is very clever.

Do you ever incorporate yourself into your characters? When she was ten years old her parents died in a car crash.

Most books have some buildup to the story, a revealing, more buildup, etc.

Now nine years later her Aunt Caroline is the only family she has left. More detail went into the adult contents of the story younh into the development of the plot. Avery is a bit of a lost soul, existing in her life, not really living it.

She’s rather good and she had me hooked.

Apr 23, Shiran rated it really liked it Shelves: How often do you read? She managed to resolve all conflicts and add a little suspense into the tight storyline. This site uses cookies. I never really connected to the characters. I’m sort of lukewarm about Drip Drop Teardrop.


This was a random pick up for me, but I couldn’t help but take it into my collection. Brennus has been watching her for sxmantha time, and even though she’s afraid, she is also drawn to him.

Book Review: Drip Drop Teardrop, a novella by Samantha Young

If I’m looking for inspiration I usually go for a walk with my music and hopefully let the songs I’m listening to spark something. I can say I liked it, that it was short, and that I personally wouldn’t read it again. The characters didn’t know samantba other, and the familiarity between them didn’t ring true.

Sure, I found Brennus sexy, but that’s pretty much it. But first, just so we are clear here is what toung story is about.

Book Review: Drip Drop Teardrop by Samantha Young • Shona Moyce

It’s just, she meets a man that has been watching her in a club every time she’s been there, she’s attracted to the man, she is scared by the man, she is embarrassed by the mans scars, she realizes the man has been stalking her- Cue heavy panting. I didn’t care much for Avery or her attitude and her friends that had a presence at the beginning utterly disappeared at the end.

I go through days of researching, writing down anything that I think might be useful and pinning it to my ‘ideas board’. I am lucky enough to be writing full time now. I guess I just didn’t have enough to read to connect with the characters, which is a shame, but then that’d be really frip of me because it is, after all, a novella.


Read Drip Drop Teardrop online free by Samantha Young |

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! She lost her parents in a car accident as a child and now cares for her beloved Aunt Caroline, who is dying of cancer, and goes out with her friends once a month to a club. What formats are your books available in?

Jan 04, Meghan K. On the bright side, The ending was a bit of a mishmash, BUT it wasn’t annoying sad. Three, I wanted to know how and why “death” falls in love.

Aside from a small hiccup at the very end of the book it was just flat. Different, in a good way, but I wanted more! I thought I’d really like if someone like that came to me at the time of death, but he turned out to be pretty wicked and scary, so, that’s a no. Jul 14, Carole Rae rated it really liked it.