Class lecture notes for third Year,sixth semester Antennas & Wave Propagation ( Subject Code: EC) is available here in PDF,DOC. NOTES: (1) When thedirection is not stated, the power gain is usually taken to be thepower gain in the direction of its maximum value. (2) Power gain does not. Department: ECE Subject Code: EC Subject Name: Antenna and Wave Propagation Type: Lecture Notes Edition Details: NPR Edition.

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Define effective length of an antenna. What is Critical Frequency What is Magneto Ionic Splitting?

Write short notes on various forms of arrays i. How does a parabolic reflector provide very high gain?

antennas and wave propagation subject code: ec2353

What is the principle of microwave antenna? Explain Ground Wave Propagation in detail 3. What are its important properties? List the different methods used for measuring the Polarization. What is Duct Propagation 3. What are the various modes of Propagation? Explain Virtual Height and derive the Expression 7.


antennas and wave propagation subject code: ec

Distinguish between standing wave antenna and TWA? Calculate the maximum effective aperture area of antenna which is operating at a wavelength of 2 meters and has a directivity of What are Traveling wave antennas?

Explain the principle of Pattern multiplication. What do you mean by Troposphere Scatter Propagation 7.

Why is flaring required in Horn antennas? What do you mean by Sky Wave Propagation 5. What do you understand by Multi hop Propagation? What are parasitic elements and where are they used? What is pattern multiplication concept?

ECE lecturer Notes ยป EC Antenna and Wave Propagation Lecture Notes

Explain the array of N- sources of equal amplitude and spacing- Broad side case i. Give the reason for poor radiation of a loop antenna. Product Data Sheet – Panorama Antennas.

Beam width of major lobe 5. What is primary radiation and secondary radiation as applicable to parabolic reflector? Explain briefly about Ionospheric abnormalities What is a uniform linear array?


Mention the antennas used in medium frequency range. Define power gain and write down the relation between directive gain and power gain. What are the applications of loop antenna?

Nnotes an expression for the power radiated by the current element and calculate the radiation resistance. How does a log periodic antenna provide a large bandwidth of operation?


What is radiation intensity and explain in terms of poynting vector? An antenna has a radiation resistance of 72 Ohms, a loss resistance of 8 Ohms and a power gain of 12dB.

Write note on radiation pattern.