The Rising is the first book in a series of zombie-themed horror novels written by author Brian Keene. This title won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel in. el alzamiento brian keene – Buscar con Google. Discover ideas about Book 1. El Alzamiento o The Rising (Brian Keene) novelas zombies. Book 1Book Club. Anibal libros para todos: El alzamiento — Brian Keene.

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Keene makes you feel his desperation as the clock ticks down, right from the opening chapter.

brrian The zombies are smart and can use guns and vehicles. You have a preacher, a prostitute, gang bangers, etc.

This won the Bram Stoker?

Baker feels as if he is directly responsible for the alzamiiento plague, believing that his experiment is what allowed the demons through to the human world. That’s right folks not even animals are safe!

I’m a zombie fan from way back.

This book doesn’t disappoint and I am soooo glad the story carries on to another- The City of the Dead. The only major difference in Zombie fiction is the characters, most of its been done before countless times, if the characters are worth reading about then you feel like you haven’t completely wasted your time.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. A distraught Jim laments his situation and worries about his son, Danny, who is living with Jim’s first wife in upstate New Jersey.


El alzamiento

We want to be your audience too. There is one scene that features a young boy and his dad that about made me put the book down for good. This is copy 51 of signed and kfene copies. Some people may be cool with that, but not me. Whilst looking for zombie books worth reading, I saw this one mentioned and figured it looked like it might be a decent read. Brin zombies in The Rising can use guns and drive as well as munch human flesh.

The gore and violence level is pretty high. He is the author of over forty books, mostly in the horror, crime, and dark fantasy genres. My first rl with these creatures seriously disrupted my suspension of disbelief. When you’re reading about the end of the world, what’s better than zombies?

The Rising (The Rising #1) by Brian Keene

You’re in for a hell of a ride. And then the book ends. It was a cheap, cheap ending.

Return to Book Page. Alas, not so much. Now he must escape the angry hoards of zombies in order to locate and save his boy. View all 3 comments.

The Rising (Keene novel) – Wikipedia

The characters were for the most part very real, engaging, and the type of people the reader cares about. How then, do Jim and others somehow manage to trek across Pennsylvania?


For a start, the zombies have a good level of intelligence. Third, the characters seem to be heading to an improvement in their lives, characters like the drug addict Frankie, the keene Jim, etc.

If you don’t like SEX don’t read erotica. In the end, I was not thrilled with myself for finishing this book. I didn’t care for the writing. Joe Hempel’s narration of the audiobook edition sealed the deal. The narrator and the fate brina most of the female characters. This is a zombie apocalypse by way of demonic possession and cosmic horror, and it’s an interesting, original take on the end of the world as we know it.

I love the main character’s drive to find his son among all the destruction while banding together with an ex hooker and a preacher man I’m sorry – zombie fish? I thought the book had too much of an introduction before the actually story started. Even if I can’t quite put my finger on it, it bothered me, so that’s that. Engastrimathos du aba paren tares.

Two huge problems with this.