Buy Eliwell On/Off Temperature Controller, 74 x 32mm, NTC, PTC Input, 12 V ac/ dc Supply ID Browse our latest on-off-temperature-controllers offers. Buy Eliwell On/Off Temperature Controller, 74 x 32mm, PTC Input, V ac Supply, → +°C Measurement Range ID V 8A+PTC. Browse our. In order to configure the instrument for this purpose you must access the folder identified by the “Add” label and use the parameters “dEA” and “FAA”. ID LX.

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Every time the compressor stops, a defrosting cycle is performed according to parameter dty dOH Defrost start delay time from start up of instrument.

ID A Single stage controller for temperature. Programming parameter transfer from instrument to Copy Card.

Eliwell reserves the elliwell to make any changes or improvements without prior notice and at any time. Temperature alarm signal delay time. The continuous improvement of our products can cause some variations in this non contractual document even without notice. Although Eliwell has taken all possible measures to guarantee the accuracy of this document, it declines any responsibility for any damage arising out of its use.

Temperature value understood as distance from the Setpoint or as an absolute value based on Att which if exceeded in an upward direction triggers the activation of the alarm signal. This means, for example, that an error introduced by the probe is added to any error that is typical of the instrument.


Eliwe,l parameter transfer from Copy Card to instrument. It should be noted that the relay contacts supplied with the device are functional and therefore exposed to potential faults. Temperature value understood as distance from the Setpoint or as an absolute value based on Att which if exceeded in a downward direction triggers the activation of the alarm signal.

Eliwell ID970 MC (Milk)

Compressor off time in the event of a faulty probe. Single stage controller for temperature ID There are 2 operating modes determined by parameter AtP: Do not assemble the instrument in excessively humid or dirty locations since it is designed to be used in locations with normal pollution levels.

The parameter indicates that a protection is active on the relay actuations of the generic compressor. Delay time in activating the outputs after switch-on of the instrument or after a power failure. The instrument has screw terminals for connecting electrical cables with a maximum diameter of 2. The indicated time must elapse between two subsequent switch-ons of the compressor. Any protection devices required to comply with product requirements or dictated by common sense due to obvious safety reasons should be installed externally.

The programming parameters are downloaded when the device is switched on. In addition, the 16 A compressor relay options and the buzzer are provided. Alarm exclusion time after instrument is switched on following a power failure. It is classified as follows: Make sure that the power voltage complies with the device voltage. Always switch off machine before working on electrical connections.

Positive or negative temperature value added to the value read by probe Viewing mode during defrosting.


Single stage controller for temperature – ID – Eliwell France

The Setpoint can also be viewed. Probe cables, power supply cables and the TTL serial cable should be kept separate from power cables.

In normal conditions, the labels for the Set point value is found in the menu. Single stage controller for temperature – ID The ID controllers are devices suitable for applications on normal or low temperature refrigerating units. When enabled value other than 0it constitutes the access key for level 1 parameters. The two sets are interdependent: The Setpoint value appears on the display. Minimum possible setpoint value. Delay after switching off. Drill a 29×71 mm hole, insert a tool and fix it in place with the brackets provided.

At least the indicated time must elapse between switch-off of the compressor relay id790 the successive switch-on.

Description Technical Schema Description: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. TTL for connection to Copy Card 3 outputs on relays: The device must be suitably protected from water and dust according to the specific application and only be accessible using special tools except for the front keypad.

The parameter indicates that the protection is active on compressor relay actuations. The same applies to any person or company involved in preparing and writing this document.