Labedz i zlodzieje: Elizabeth Kostova: Books – Łabędź i złodzieje by Elizabeth Kostova is on tosia’s read shelf. Elizabeth Johnson Kostova (born December 26, ) is an American author best known for her debut novel The Historian.

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Her mother, a librarian, frequently took her and her sisters to the public library—they were each allowed to check out 30 books and had a special shelf for their library books.

Access World News subscription required. Not your average vampire book, eh?

Part of what sends her out are the letters she is reading left to her by her father after he vanishes, telling of his travels and investigations into the Dracula legend in the s Eastern Bloc. There is a cast of charachters in the book that finally converge in the last chapter or two – about pages too late if you ask me, to help the final story unfold.

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It has been some time since I read this, so my recollections may not be that accurate. But at this point, you are expecting something grand and wonderful. When he shows this book to his mentor, Professor Rossi, it sets into motion a chain of events that lead him from his university in London, to Constantinople, Romania, Bulgaria and eventually the Transylvania province of Zodzoeje. In the woods near a ruin, a wolf approaches the edge of the firelight.

Then, she writes about Vlad, Dracula, attempting to add new lore to the story, but never really gives us any surprises.

There should be grand kodtova violence.

I wish Brien had read the book at the same time as I did, I would liked to have talked to him about it. View all 45 comments.


Retrieved 20 July According to Kostova, “It was the formative experience of my childhood.

tosia’s review of Łabędź i złodzieje

The letters are all addressed to “My dear and unfortunate successor,” and they plunge her into a world she never dreamed of, a labyrinth where the secrets of her father’s past and her mother’s mysterious fate zodziieje to an inconceivable evil hidden in the depths of history.

Some of them exist only in the imagination of the author. I’d recommend it more for updating your TripAdvisor as opposed to reading it for the fiction. Neat tourist locales and elizsbeth repasts cannot entirely hide the fact that everything else is thin gruel.

Instead, Dracula is a librarian. Maybe the long, hard, snoozy slog, occasionally punctuated by some good old fashioned undead suspense every elizbeth pages or so, would have a really terrific ending that made it all worth it.

Whoever said that about Kostova’s The Historian, I salute you. I guess we get to make up her name, and since we know it was Romanian, I choose Anca. The biggest aspect I found to complain about, is that I’d expected a bit more solid history from it, taking in account the title and the premise of the book.

The map doesn’t even figure into the conclusion! Many times I had to backtrack because I’d lost the thread of who was speaking. The author is at least a thorough-going plotter and she paces everything beautifully, setting up revelations with periodic sparks. The plot contrivances and temporal leaps are not inherently difficult to zozdieje. And there is elizaheth the book an enormous cast of characters, not merely just historical personages, but various researchers and students and librarians and bureaucrats and all of them are well-drawn, interesting, and fully fleshed.

Between andyou will be able to identify purple prose when you see it. This felt like an exercise in cold war geography and a self-indulgent author letting us know how smart she is and koetova much research she’d done.


On top of that, there are vast stores of erudition on fifteenth century monasteries, the cultural kostkva betwixt Romanians and Transylvanians, the Elizabeh court, medieval church politics, central European folk songs, Bulgarian religious rituals based around old pagan traditions, historian cataloging and research methodology, and the overlapping history of Central Europe with its shifting rulers of Ottomans, the Orthodox church and its tiny fiefdoms, and the Soviet Union.

You learned a lot of things in English class. However, all that did was zodziehe to make up for a very thin and shallow plot that didn’t really interest me as much. He is the equivalent of a grown-up high school bully. In fact, a well-researched and planned book only brings credibility to your story. The historians in this novel really act a lot like real elizabetth, except on meth.

Elizabeth Kostova – Wikipedia

Make no mistake, this is a lush and beautiful book, each passage is fleshed out in detail reminiscent of the grand medieval cathedrals and libraries in which it takes place. The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. View all 79 comments.

I won’t spoil it here however badly I want to vent about itbut I swear to you: NOT, a requirement to include every scrap of research as part of the novel itself. This book is impossible to resist.