Enna Burning (The Books of Bayern Series) [Shannon Hale, Cynthia Bishop, Full Cast] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It’s been two. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 6–10—This companion novel (Bloomsbury, ) to Shannon Hale’s The Goose Girl (Bloomsbury, ) . Enna Burning, Shannon Hale’s second novel, was published in The second of The Books of Bayern, it focuses on the subsequent adventures of Princess.

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View the Study Pack. That you don’t live there. Enna Burning from BookRags. The suspense was gut-wrenching, and I nearly yelled when I read the romance between the evil Sileph and Enna.


It was fun to see the characters from the first book reappear, and I do love me some Finn, but mostly this book is just sort of a necessary step to get to the third book in the series, which I love. It is these wonderful gray areas that explain why the book resides on my Beloved Bookshelf. Enna then goes to the city, hoping to talk burrning her friend Isi introduced as Princess Ani in “The Goose Girl” about Leifer’s new power with fire, but Isi has been unable to manage her own ability to communicate with the wind since the end of the first book.

Strong and painful, fiery and deep. It kind of reads like a fairytale itself.

And she does it in such exquisite words. However, he is unable to control the power when he is enraged, frightening Enna. So there’s a whole lot of what I would call “natural magic” in this series: I love Sileph and the twisted, painful thing that grows between them and how much Hale made me ache for a character I could just as easily have hated.


I loved it so much – probably a little scarier than the snna, but the adventure kept me flipping pages. I can see, taste, and feel Enna through Razo’s words. As Grover would say, “How embarrassing.

Just one wildfire, raging through Enna and budning forest, til it hit the shore. For some reason, I just love that description. Enna was almost disturbing with the over powering urge to burn.

Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Can Isi and her old friends Finn and Razo rescue her without sacrificing themselves? She’s reckless and afraid and well-meaning and full of messy, glorious life.

More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Enna Burning. This was soooo good. But as the power of the fire grows stronger, she is less able to control her need to burn. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Apr 01, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: It’s darker and scarier than Ennw Academybut very satisfying.

Enna Burning – Wikipedia

I like her story telling. Oh, back to why Shannon Hale is Not Inappropriate: The Ugly A lot of romance, like in the first book, and also hints at people wanting to “use” Enna. Distraught to realize Sileph has been lying to her, Enna refuses to fight for Tira.

I really wanted to be connected to the characters. I was struggling with a lot of emotional issues at the time. And all the talking about fire! Hsannon It has a little bit of romance in it. This friendship between these two young women is so much of what seals Enna Burning ‘s place in my heart. But for now we’ll go with my favorite. Have we rooted out all the anti-happy people?


I mean, most characters with flaws go through ups and downs that are interesting to read, but Enna is just in a tailspin towards doom the entire book, and it’s frustrating and a little boring to watch. They then return to Bayern where Isi gives birth to a healthy son and Enna is made a member of Bayern’s Own, Geric’s personal band of soldiers. First edition cover of Enna Burning. But fate seems to have a different story in mind for the chicken girl.

While Sileph is away at a battle, Isi visits the camp under disguise to help her friend, and an opportunity for escape presents itself. Preview — Enna Burning by Shannon Hale. It could save your life. Much darker than The Goose Girl, but it worked really well.

Enna Burning | Books Of Bayern Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

But I mean, from some of these reviews you’d mistake Enna for Bellatrix Lestrange! She quickly finds sshannon is unable to keep the promises she made to herself and cannot control her use of fire. Copyrights Enna Burning from BookRags.