Semantic Scholar extracted view of “Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA.” by C. Bustamante et al. Entropic elasticity of λ-phage DNA. C. Bustamante, J. F. Fingerprint. Bacteriophage lambda. Viral DNA. Elasticity. Least-Squares Analysis. scientific article (publication date: 9 September ).

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This instability is essential for the function of CII in the lysis-lysogeny switch. In recent years as a new approach to application of phagesrecombinant bacteriophage lambda particles were used as DNA delivery vehicles to mammalian cells.

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Specificity of diffusion channels produced by lambda phage receptor protein of Escherichia coli. Simultaneous display of two large proteins on the head and tail of bacteriophage lambda.

We show that a genetic system of several cis-regulatory modules is calculable using this method, considering explicitly the site-overlapping, competitive, cooperative binding of regulatory proteins, their multilayer assembly and DNA looping. Instead of a unique ejected length, multiple populations coexist.

Compound 13 did not inhibit the activity of the C-terminal catalytic domain of pol lambda including the pol beta-like core, in which the BRCT motif was deleted from lambea N-terminal region.

In the low and moderate pressure range atmT5 exhibits an unexpected behavior. We show that phage encoded Radlike recombinases act independently of RecA, and that they are relatively more efficient when the exchanged fragments are divergent. Stumbling across the Same Phage: In this report, we examined the influence of the Dna J and GrpE netropic on the stability of the lambda P.


Our results for plasmid based IP suggest the hypothesis that there is a natural mechanism for silencing early theta-mode elaticity initiation, i. The assay was then used with nasopharyngeal specimens from patients with pneumonia.

Recombination and DNA replication are interconnected, with recombination being essential for repairing DNA damage and supporting replication of the viral genome.

We previously designed an improved phage vector by incorporating cis genetic elements of adeno-associated virus AAV. While analyzing plasmids of Acinetobacter sp. Cryo electron microscopy cryo-EM data dntropic the interior of phages fntropic ordering of the interior DNA that has been interpreted as a nearly perfectly ordered polymer. We demonstrate that mosaics are mainly generated by homology-driven mechanisms that tolerate high substrate divergence.

Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA.

These improvements expand the utility of phage display as a powerful tool in modern biotechnology. This unusual genome arrangement may contribute to leasticity ability of the Bceplike phages to maintain a unified genomic type.

A second ATPase catalytic site associated with the DNA maturation activities of the protein has been proposed; however, direct demonstration of this putative second site is lacking. Acinetobacter phage genome is similar to Sphinx 2. We describe the identification and functional and structural characterisation of a novel 7 kDa Pbage protein, Gp5.

Entropic elasticity of lambda-phage DNA – Wikidata

For example, a phage mutant with a disulfide-free p3 coat protein, used for the selection of bicyclic peptides, has a more than fold reduced infection rate compared to the wild-type. This result indicates the significant role that phage proteins play in the UV damage. The ghost particles, so formed, have a channel running down their tails. The lambda protein network connects 12 proteins of unknown function with well characterized proteins, which should shed light on the functional associations of these uncharacterized proteins.


For dry samples of phages the dimensions of targets for all types of radiation were approximately proportional to the molecular weights of phage DNA ‘s.

Although an orf96 homologue was not previously reported in Sphinx 2. We previously reported that phenolic compounds, petasiphenol and curcumin diferuloylmethanewere a selective inhibitor of DNA polymerase lambda pol lambda in vitro.

PCR amplification of up to kb DNA with high fidelity and high yield from lambda bacteriophage templates. In general, phages cause lysis of the bacterial host to effect release of the progeny virions. Here, we describe methods for synthesis, selection, and screening of phage libraries with particular emphasis on designing humanizing antibody libraries and combinatorial scanning mutagenesis libraries.

First, dimeric O protein binds to multiple DNA binding sites and self-associates to form a nucleoprotein structure, the O-some.

Technical comment] so that, for moderate extensions, quadratic contributions are included elasticiy no additional parameters are required. Specimens showing inhibitory activity were diluted 1: Packaged DNA needs to reach a critical stress level in order for transition to occur.

Assays in which gap-filled but unligated intermediates were trapped using dideoxynucleotides revealed that there was no gap filling on aligned DSB ends in the Cernunnos-deficient extracts.

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