(a) in the case of the services of the Federation, posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation and. All Pakistan Service, by or under Act. July 4, by Admin 63 Comments ESTA Code is for federal civil servants and it is also known as Civil Establishment Code. There are. Annual Statistical Bulletin of Federal Government Employees (, Civil Servents , Estacode (Edition ) (New),

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In case of female minor dependents, the marriage of the individual shall be construed as reaching the age of majority. Signature and name of the Head of Administrative Department with office seal.

This disability should imply that loss of hearing is total and is not removable either through operation or through use of hearing esracode. Explanation 1 — The fact that a person apprehends that by continuing in his employment he will be exposed to increase physical danger is not reasonable excuse within the meaning of clause b.

Explanation— The benefit admissible under this section will be in addition to the pensions, family pension or gratuities awarded under the rules regulating the conditions of service of Government servants.

Regulation of wages and conditions of service — 1 The Government may make rules regulating 20113 empowering specified authorities to regulate the wages and other conditions of service of persons or of any class of persons engaged in any employment or class of employment to which this Act applies. A casual vacancy in the office of the Chairman or a member of a Tribunal caused by the absence on leave or otherwise of the Chairman, or as the case may be, a member may be filled by the Governor for a specified period by appointment of a person who is qualified to be the Chairman or, as the case may be, a member of a Tribunal.

Civil Establishment Code (ESTA CODE)

Limited restriction of movement of joint due to injuries. Provided that every such application shall be duly supported by an affidavit. Every Government servant under the age of sixty years shall be assured the sum specified in the Schedule to the Ordinance in respect of the class to which he belongs.

Reference your memo No. The duty for recording of minutes shall be discharged by the Secretary and 203 his absence by any other member of the Board as directed by the Chairman.


Punjab Estacode | Regulations/O&M Wing, S&GAD

In the case of a female child for the un. A grant in favour of a widow or widower shall be sanctioned subject to the following: Kindly refer to this office Memo No. Lunacy should cover actual cases of lunatic behavior and as such cases should be considered only if actual commitment to a Mental Hospital has taken place for a minimum period of one moth in the past and the competent Board of a Government Mental Hospital has confirmed the invalidation.

Offices after considerable delay. Short title, extent and commencement. Disposal of Complaints Regulations, If a Tribunal is unable to arrive at a unanimous decision, its decision shall be expressed in terms of the view of the majority.

However, if the partial retention of function does not help in walking in case of leg or does not help in holding an object even with partial efficiency, it should be considered as total loss of function. When the wound, injury or illness causing the disability is not entered in the above Schedule, the disability shall be assessed by the medical board at the classification most closely corresponding to those given above. Power to order persons engaged in certain employments to remain in specified areas — 1 The Government or an officer authorized in this behalf by the.

Contribution by Government Servants transferred to foreign service —— When a Government Servant is transferred to foreign service he shall remain subject to these rules in the same manner as if he was not so transferred, and his contribution during such period shall be remitted by the employer to the Audit Officer in whose jurisdiction he was serving immediately before he was so transferred.

Controlling Officer with office seal.

Punjab Estacode 2013

Whereas in the interest of the security of Pakistanit esatcode expedient to prohibit ex—Government servants from seeking or taking up employment with a foreign Government or foreign agency. A member of estacoee Civil Service of Pakistan who has opted for the Fund shall cease to be entitled to the benefits under the Ordinance as soon eshacode he ceases same in the case of death, to hold any post in connection with the affairs of the Province.

However, the cases which stand closed on or before Where the qualifying service is less than 30 years, but not less than 10 years, proportionate reduction at the rate of Rs. The Provincial Board of Management Gazetted and the Provincial Board of Management Non—Gazetted may invest such money constituting the Fund as are not required for immediate expenditure in any of the securities described estacide section 20 of the Trust Act,or in real estate, or may place them in fixed deposit with a Bank approved by Government.


In case of equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. In the case of person retiring after completing more than 5 but less that 10 years, the existing rate of gratuity shall continue.

This issue was discussed in detail in the last meeting of the Combined Board held on Punjab Service Tribunals Act, Payment of contribution — 1 Every Government servant shall be liable to pay to the Welfare Fund as his contribution such sum of money as may be prescribed, the amount of estcaode contribution shall, as far as possible, be deducted at the source from his pay and credited or remitted to the Welfare Fund.

Loss of hand and foot or loss of use of two more limbs. Employment to which this Estcaode applies — This Act shall apply to all employment under the Government or any agency set up by it or a local authority or any service relating to transport or civil defence. Definitions — In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context —. The Provincial Board or the District Board, as the case may be, may grant advances to Government Servants on such terms as it may decide.

In case of a sister till. Signature and name of the. Provided that a notice shall not be issued for publication in a newspaper until the costs of such publication are deposited by the appellant. Please refer to this office letter No. Constitutions and powers of the Welfare Board — 1 As soon as may be, Government shall constitute the following Welfare Boards, namely: In case of a female child for the unexpired.