Nov 26, The Eton Choirbook, one of only three such books (along with the Lambeth Choirbook and the Caius Choirbook to survive from. The Eton choirbook (Eton College MS. ), the leading source of late fifteenth- century English music, is a splendid production with fine illuminated initial letters . The Eton Choirbook and its Legacy of Sacred Music. In May , the Genesis Foundation continued its commission and mentoring programme featuring a.

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British Museum Additional MS. The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music.

Eton Choirbook – Wikipedia

To watch the live-streamed video, click here. Even in its in-complete state nearly half of its original leaves have been lost choirbopk, the Eton Choirbook is the undoubted queen of early Tudor music manuscripts. Retrieved from ” https: Other composers as BaldwynJohn Dunstable and Mychelson also appear in the index, but their works were lost.

Most of its original contents 67 out of a total of 93 pieces were votive antiphons, or devotional motets of prayer and praise, sung each evening to the Virgin Mary, the college’s dedicatee. O Maria et Elizabeth. The Eton Choirbook, one of only three such books along with the Lambeth Choirbook and the Caius Choirbook to survive from pre-Reformation England, is a large manuscript collection of Marian antiphons, Magnificat settings and other motets assembled for, and still held at, Eton College.


Turges, Edmund Edmund Turges. It originally contained music by 24 different composers; however, many of the pieces are damaged or incomplete. The Choirbook preserves a repertoire of English choirblok that would otherwise be almost entirely lost. Banester, Gilbert Gilbert Banester. Stylistically, the music contained in the Eton Choirbook shows three phases in the development of early Renaissance polyphony in England.

In certain respects this Meridian reissue is welcome choirbool generous: Quid cantemus innocentes Fayrfax, Robert Robert Fayrfax 5 missing Gaude flore virginali II.

O Domine caeli terraeque. The most outstanding traits of the Eton music are a richness and brilliance of sonority not chkirbook in earlier music or as a rule in contemporary Continental work and outstanding rhythmic vitality and melodic variety.

Eton Choirbook – ChoralWiki

The second phase, which includes music by John BrowneRichard Davy and Walter Lambeuses imitation, cantus firmus techniques, eotn frequent cross-relations a feature which was to become a distinctive sound in early Tudor polyphony. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. O Regina mundi clara.

Nesbet of the same manuscript. Folio Title Composer Parts Notes 1. This website does not support your browser because it is out of date Update Browser. Fayrfax, Robert Robert Fayrfax. Stabat virgo Mater Christi II.

The Eton Choirbook

Stratford composed a four-part Magnificat. Preces and responses Magnificat Nunc Dimittis. This new Eton Choirbook project, where we have all engaged with the deep musical past to inform our musical present, has been fulfilling and enjoyable.

Stabat iuxta Christi crucem. The Eton Choirbook is the only one of the trinity of extant early Tudor choirbooks to remain in its original home. An index at the beginning chpirbook five more antiphons two of which have survived fragmentarilytwenty-four Magnificats four of them complete, four imperfectly preservedand Davy’s Passion seriously incomplete.


The existence of some broad parallelism between the stylistic developments of Continental and English music after Dunstableparticularly in the adoption of the harmonic bass part and in greater complexity of rhythm and phrase structure, suggests that there was some cross-Channel exchanging of ideas until about or even a little later; such men as John Plummer d.

This page was last edited on 7 Augustat The second phase uses such imitation, as well as a cantus firmusin which one part sings a pre-existing melody often lifted from liturgical plainchant or a secular tune and the other parts sing in polyphony around it.

Eton Choirbook

Baldwin, John John Baldwin. The following inventory represents the contents as enumerated by the index, with folio numbers for the works that survive. O Maria plena gratiae. The leaves contain fragments of the Gloria and Credo of a six-part Mass which seems to chhoirbook based on the ‘Veni creator’ melody or the identical ‘Salvator mundi’ transposed down a second.