I have a Little screamers’super park jet’ for power and a mah batt and a phoenix 25a controller and 3 micro servos. Other specs are 33inch. You are not likely to find a foamy jet any bigger than this! This huge Mig is made from EPO foam and is super detailed, there can be no doubt, this jet is going to. do à un en r n foaming; frothing, howering; scumming, skimming. €5 d, a u mig, adj. foaming, frothing, foamy. frothy; sójáuntige6 85ter beer that slowers. € d, at m .

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I designed and drew a Mig 21 to fit the fan in CAD. I plan on getting their A-4 and switching the gear back and forth.

Send a private message to Airforce7. The following errors occurred with your submission.

About hours to build. The wing area is different and the relative sizes of the horizontal stab and control surfaces are different. This was my first exposure to indoor flying and the Mig did very well.


In fact, it would glide at least 50 yards with a good toss! There is no rule that says people can’t build the same model of plane. We will work on that!

Introducing the Fishbed Foamy Mig Park Flyer. – RCU Forums

The Russian Mig is one of my favorite early Jets! Last edited by Cactusflyer; May 03, at We have formed a company, Jets N Stuff to market it.

It took about 3 seconds before I realized I had to have one.

Now, let’s talk model design. My Mig uses a Jedelsky type airfoil. The top speed was just right for the space available to be exciting.

I like the thing so much that my flying buddy have taking everyones advice and we have decided to kit it. Did you guys get my request for a F?

Scratch-built foamy mig-25

I’m going to visit your site right now. Something Fishy, about Fishbed Foamy. May 01, I have built 3 Mig 21’s and I found it easy to build, very aerobatic and the slow flight characteristics are unbelievable.


With that low drag air frame, it looks like it should rip! I wish that I could gotten a video of one flight where I was slow flying down the line and a slow stick passed me! Send a private message to Gordito Volador. Originally Posted by stickyzdc I might try a couple of tail cones to see how they work with the Alfa fan.

I have been searching all around for a MiG and I am glad to see someone has finally done it. You may not post new threads.

Plan to fly it in a few days. Do you have a history here on RCU? It’s the first one built from the kit.

Somewhat similar to the small balsa model that I built to prove the Mig concept I hated running through his bird though. Hairypharter Dude you are so full of bull.