GENERAL. Usage of Maintenance Manual. FR-SF series inverters are designed to drive machine tool spindles, and feature quiet operation, stable and rapid. Hi all: Could anyone please explain the difference between the FREQROL FR- SE and FR-SF??? To me they sound the same I thank you for. Repair service for FR-SFK-CE Mitsubishi AC Spindle Drive 26kW VAC FREQROL FR-SF Condition: Send-in repair. Free evaluation. 6 Months warranty .

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Changes the current page to the next page in the same mode. For the setting values, see “Parameter list” provided with the controller. The power cable should fs with the cable size des- cribed in Appendix 3. Close when an encoder is wf with the spindle. NC screen standard setting: How much life can be left on an aged, unknown drive?.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The equipment does not work in occasions. Note For the main circuit contactor: I purchased some a year or so ago and they were new Stop position is set within 0 – – range from -5 deg.

Between PB and PGA ii Rotate the motor in the forward direction counter- clockwise viewed from the shaft end at a low speed so that the waveform can be easily observed and adjust the following four volumes until the follow- ing output waveforms can be observed.


The mounting screws o Check that the screws o Securely tighten the screws. D When no alarm occurs: The external speed o Increase the value of the o Correctly set the value of reference is incorrect. Thus, in this case, they can be used at the same time.

Mitsubishi FR-SF

Check that it rotates for 10 turns until it comes to the hole bottom and returns to the start position. Parameter Description Setting range unit The spindle orientation direction, detec- tor installed direction, and motor rota- tion direction are set.

NC are not correctly set. Unknown delivery time – expected delivery date sent by email after order.

In addition, with the parameters obtained by the adjustment, check that the spindle correctly rotates at each speed and by each gear. Browse Related Browse Related. Motion A – The base shut-off occurs in the controller, the main circuit COntaCtor is turned off, and the motor stops in the free-run state.

Mitsubishi FR-SF: Industrial Automation, Control | eBay

See Appendix 6 4. By referencing the trouble classification shown in Table 1.

Since the parameter is cleared when the power is turned off or the equipment is reset, just after 1 is set, input the speed reference and start coannand.


However, after the last data No. All the positions of the 0 Even after the power of the o Correctly set the positions dip switches SW to NC is turned on, the display of the dip switches SWS-1 to SW on the printed on the operation panel is as sw The motion balance of o Check that the motor signi- o Replace the motor with a new 2 the motor is bad.

In EMG, in-positior 0: In EMG, in-Position encoder output is not held. Alternatively, the NF Appendix 5.

IJI c7-E I 2: Enters the position loop without zero return. When installing any sc apparatus on a portion to be tested, take care not to touch any portion being grounded. Check the alarm code on the drive itself.

Mitsubishi FR-SF spindle drive manual | ZEYNEL ULUSOY –

Help Center Find new research papers in: Bus linkage with NC. Only parts that are deemed to be repairable can be replaced. The input power imped- 0 In the same manner as the 0 See the alarm No. So I found parameter SP19 and like you said Greg it was set to How much life can be le I 0 – 39tdeg.