REQUIREMENT FOR THE DEGREE OF. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE. IN. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. FSAE Chassis and Suspension. Hello forum. I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. One of the overwhelming problems that I’m having is figure out the step by step. This article deals with design of Formula SAE Suspension by considering various loads and their simulation on each component of the system.

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Suspension Design Step by Step Process

Below are represented the inputs used to evaluate the dynamic response with different configuration of spring and dampers. A test has been made even with a different gsae distribution: In the skid pad the difference between the two configurations is very subtle because of the fact that in steady state is the stiffness distribution, which is the same, that gives you some difference.

All the results of the simulations are valid only for steady state analysis, low stiifness spring and low damping could be bad in transient situations, not only suspensin the driver feeling. What do you want to achieve? About your topic it had been discussed quite alot, But I’m going to share what I got anyway.

There is a knowledge-analysis-design- evaluate cycle First; I want to tell you suspenxion tiny little thing The tire forces are modeled with a simple tire model with the following parameters: Here we can see the relative speed and angular speed that stabilizes after some laps, and the results are considered only for the stabilized part of the steady state corner.

Sorry for any typing mistakes. I’d start by analyzing and understanding a few existing suspensions. Claude Suspensoon who is a famous FSAE judge and president of one of the leading companies in vehicle dynamics softwares “OptimumG” saying that if you know the forces acting on your tire contact patch then you will be able to choose a suspension template.

An actuator moves the rack causing the front wheels to steer the desired angle. One of the best softwares out there is OptimumK however it is not for fsea. I really like one quote or an OptimumG motto that says “Knowledge shared; Is knowledge squared”.


Fsae is a students engineering competition where student teams from around the world design, build, test, and race a small-scale formula style racing car.

Read and understand about the bicycle model, the understand the behaviour of csae model and the tire. Only then will you have to worry with roll centers, roll stiffness, kinematics, motion ratio, dampers and such things.

A kerb or a cone hit at speed is suspenssion good approximation of a step input Ramp: Moreover generally for a driver low chassis movements are better for the feeling.

Contact Us Archive Top. I hope I haven’t said something stupid, if so I duly apologize. And start sketching on the front view geometry by drawing lines to express your wishbones and your unsprung mass and suspenslon move to the side view Hard configuration; normal tire force and displacements of rims and chassis: Results 1 to 10 of The vehicle presented in this project is the FSAE prototype of the University of Padua, which competed in the season of the series.

Not for a particular reason except that there is quite a lot of tutorials suxpension youtube ” Start by darwing two planes; Front view and a side view. The bracket joint during the dynamic response simulation is removed to have the correct behavior of the suspended and non suspended mass system.

As in any design problem there are some step you should take before jumping into the details. Eigenvectors and eigenfrequencies calculation: I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. With this you can use your tire model to obtain forces on the car, these forces will make you able to calculate load transfers, then re-calculate the tire forces, and iterate till you converge. C2 Hard spring and high damping coefficient: All the fitting is already done and all the equations of the model written down -Write a simple code for the Four Wheel model that is able to calculate the slip angle for a given radius and steering angle, you will have to make assumptions about the slip angle at the rear.

  ASTM D1250-80 PDF

Thirldy; If you want to start your design process, Then start by visualizing a 3D model of any type of suspension you want If you want to reduce fabrication cost for the year, you may want to stick to the tires and wheels you already have. It should be very helpful too. Remember that the tires are the only contact you have between the sprung mass and the ground.

Be patient enough; The whole process might take up to a month of hard working. Detail of the CAD suspsnsion right wheel assembly view from the inside of the dsae.

Hi Benn, Tsae thing I’d look into is setting some goals for your suspension by identifying what parameters will really affect your laptime. If you have aero you have to calculate the load from it, in any case you will have drag, wich will require torque from the rear wheel and will create a small load transfer! Now slim the ideas down to a core goal.

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Soft configuration; normal tire force and displacements of rims and chassis: User Name Remember Me? It’s skipped forward to the final 5. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Get the basics right first, the fsar only after. You will have to make basic assumptions to estimate the values. Benn, Sorry, My previous post was all about kinematics All times are GMT What are the specifications associated with your functional requirements.

Note that the input in this case is cyclic. Then; Put the whole geometry on a kinematics analysis software