About Us. Gavekal is a financial services company headquartered in Hong. Gavekal Research. Global macro/ markets research that identifies asset. Technology is at the heart of the US- China trade conflict. The US fears that.

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Dec 31, This was the most benign result possible from this midterm election. Momentum traders will therefore find good reason to shun equities and add exposure to long-dated treasuries. The service includes two to three notes each week, periodic chart books exploring major topics at length, and Deep China reports which delve into the ways China is changing the world through its rising technological, financial and geopolitical power.

Il faut simplement trouver le courage politique pour les appliquer. This is not a book about religion but one about economics in the light of the Gospels.

Dans ce pamphlet, Charles prend a partie la technocratie Francaise et la Banque Centrale Europeene qui ne cessent de mettre des obstacles sur le chemin de l’entrepreneur francais.

This has been a miserable year across most asset classes, with markets roiled by tighter US dollar liquidity. Car les solutions sont connues et ont deja ete appliquees ailleurs, en Suede, au Canada, en Nouvelle-Zelande, en Chine. In such an environment it rezearch almost inevitable that investors in China’s gavekap markets will enjoy far greater dividends from the growth of the world’s second largest economy.


Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. We hire smart reearch and let them write what they think. With manufacturing, industrial development alone is not sufficient, Studwell argues. While largely expected, confirmation is probably positive for risk assets. The latest round of data releases painted a mixed picture of Chinese economic activity in October. This is rarely conducive to faster growth. In this new book, we review both our concerns and the factors of growth around the world which contribute to our overall optimism.

Email queries from readers are promptly answered. Subscription services include monthly Fathom Profiles page reports on Chinese companies listed both offshore and onshoreweekly Quick-As page reports assessing governance, competitiveness and red-flags about gavekkal listed Chinese companiesChina Chips high-frequency coverage of developments in the Chinese semiconductor industry and VOD Monitor monthly monitoring and analysis of the Chinese VOD industry with a focus on political and regulatory developments.

In this piece, Rosealea explains why property has outperformed, and updates her outlook for the rest of That means there will likely be more bad economic news through early In addition, the Strategy Monthly summarizes our key views on the world investment environment.


Written by Charles Gave. There now seems to be little chance that the trade frictions between the US and China will be resolved anytime soon.

Each of those countries went through a high-growth period characterized by intensive investment and by severe repression of financial markets. The Battle For Chinese Tech Please loginrequest a trial or contact our sales team for more information.


And in finance, effective regulation is essential for fostering, and sustaining growth. Analyst who predicted Trump’s ascendancy bets on Le Pen win 22 Apr, Just as importantly, this very important change to the investment environment is not the only paradigm-shifting event researfh has occurred gvaekal we published Our Brave New World now out of print but available for free for Download from our website and The End Is Not Nigh.

Please order at www. Nous sommes entres, depuis un reserch temps deja, dans la troisieme grande revolution technologique que l’humanite ait connue. An overdue correction in sales is coming, but construction should hold up relatively well.

Sur cette conviction forte et politiquement incorrecte Charles Gave nous livre un pamphlet court et decapant ou il analyse le texte des Evangiles en economiste qui a fait du liberalisme son credo.

Research | Research

And the same is true today: But, to my knowledge, few economists have done any work on the Gospels. When we disagree, we let our clients know, and explain why. Havekal founding Gavekal, he returned to his first love, research on tactical asset allocation.

For this reason, tech sits at the heart of the US-China tensions. Gavekal Research November 14, Video: