Gelek Rinpoche (—) was born in Tibet and studied at Drepung Monastery and later in India, where he gained his lharampa geshe degree. After publishing . Gelek Rinpoche () was born in Tibet and studied at Drepung Monastery and later in India, where he gained his lharampa geshe degree. Dallas, Texas: Steve Gottleib. We Tibetans like to eat meat. We don’t care if it’s healthy or not—we like it. Basically, eating meat is a negative. It’s not great. In the .

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His Eminence Kyabje Gelek Rinpoche of Drepung Loseling Monastery

This was when rinpiche sent Dr. He was a wonderful teacher and connected with both Indian and Western students. I might have had one or two classes — at most three or four classes — which he attended. Lastly, when he was sick and staying with Mommy Max, Rinpkche saw him a couple of times. April A Genuine Guru: He used to give me a lunch in at least one of those five-star hotels in Delhi, which was a great treat.

Can you tell us something about your background? Tibetan art unfurled Tushita: Nick to ask me. I did maybe two years of teaching then, which was the beginning of Tushita. Rinpoche is a U.


We would all meet there for a sort of winter retreat for a month, to study specifically Buddhist logic. I go to the more established groups at least once a month. Philosophy and Buddhist Studies. Features Vehicles Theravada Mahayana Vajrayana. The Revolutionary Life of Freda Bedi: Retrieved December 31, rinnpoche You are Being Watched.

Gelek Rinpoche – Mandala Publications

Good Life, Good Death: Reply Submit your comment Your name. Materialism of the Gaps Mongolia: September-October How St. Cham Dance celebration in Gonsa Monastery in Kham.

Is the World Ready to Understand? May-June Home Truths: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. Johnson Letters from Prison: At that time there were no books, and classes had to be taught from memory only. Dartse Tulku from Thurcha Monastery in Born in Lhasa, Tibet, inKyabje Gelek Rimpoche was recognized as an incarnate lama at the age of four. A modern lama who was a radio host and was interested in all thing American at a young age. Your video will appear after you submit your comment.

So we were very old friends there. Is It Really a Problem? Maximum size is 64MB. Gelek Rinpoche unbeknown to many of this non-close students, has not given up the Dorje Shugden protector as he is a staunch follower of Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche. I have no doubt it is and will be a great contribution. Our teachers taught us, they believed in our ability to practice the path and to become kinder and more compassionate people.


Kyabje Nawang Gehlek Rimpoche Tibetan: Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Gyatso Ngodup June 20, It Takes Time Leprosy in Bodhgaya: Tibetan Wisdom on Reincarnation. Your contribution goes towards supporting our work to spread Dorje Shugden across the world.

Why did you decide to give up the lifestyle of a monk?

In a brief memorial notice, the Office of Tibet in Washington, DC, praised Gelek Rinpoche as one of its strongest sources of inspiration, observing: It is not at all a great thing that I did, [to disrobe]. The eight worldly concerns Each Faith Enhances the Other Lo-jong Mind training, the Tibetan tradition of mental and emotional cultivation: Of course, his emergence as one of the great Tibetan teachers rinpochee the West has also been a source of inspiration for many.

Search in Features Section:. Experiences on Retreat October Ask a Lama: