Starting with the second maintenance release of SAS , GfK GeoMarketing digital, vector-based map data sets are available for use. These map data sets are. Features: MAP= required argument referring to GfK map data. DATA= argument referring to response data. ID statement. BLOCK statement options. Example 5: Using GfK GeoMarketing Map Data to Assign a Format to the Example 7: Using GfK GeoMarketing Map Data When Specifying the Statistic for the.

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This website uses cookies. Produce the block map. We also calculate data for your specific products and markets.

The BLOCK statement specifies the variable in the response data set that contains the response values for each of the map areas. What we do Our geodata helps you tap more market gekmarketing in two key ways: By browsing our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Share insights on regional market traits and strategies with colleagues. This website uses cookies. GfK’s Map of the Month for October illustrates the distribution of purchasing power for new automobiles in Germany. Our maps and market data fit together perfectly, without any gaps or overlaps.

SAS/GRAPH(R) 9.3: Reference, Third Edition

By browsing our website, you agree to our use of cookies. This lets you plan reliably across multiple market areas and regional levels. Previous Page Next Page.

Don’t fill this field! Here you can find the latest insights for geomarketing.


Geomarketing | GfK Global

Drawing on long-standing market research experience, we deliver data on purchasing power, socio-demographics, business potential, retail turnover, consumer typologies and more. Define the title and footnote for the map. Specify the gfkk catalog to search that has the predefined ISO alpha2 code. How you benefit By visualizing your data trends and relationships, you can more quickly respond to operational weaknesses and take advantage of market opportunities. GfK in your country Contact Blog.

The ID statement specifies the variable that is in both the map data set and the response data set and defines map areas. GfK’s Map of the Month for November shows the distribution of purchasing power across Europe in Specify the demographics table just created as the response data set. Our solutions include regional market analyses, target group localization, sales territory planning, digital maps such as purchasing power and regional market data as well as appraisals of real estate, geo,arketing and sales networks for the industry, retail and manufacturing sectors.

You can further fine-tune your sales and marketing strategies by incorporating external data on gck specific industry, product offering, and target group.

This gives you a deeper understanding of your markets and operations. Cookies enable us to understand how visitors use our website so that we can improve it ffk provide the best experience possible. Here’s a snapshot of what our geodata and a geomarketing approach can do: And second, our global digital maps with coverage of multiple regional levels allow you tfk analyze and cross-reference these insights with the help of a mapping software.


Please activate JavaScript in your browser settings to enable all features of this website.

SAS/GRAPH(R) Reference, Third Edition

This example uses GfK map data to produce a block map that shows the population of countries in Asia. Understand how your data interrelates, and spot opportunities for optimization. Our industry-leading digital maps and market data give you deep-reaching, integrated insights into your markets, worldwide: Applications Availability Samples Ordering. Industries Solutions Insights Success stories.

Also note that the ID variable was a numeric geographic locator code tfk in the original sashelp. From information to insights.

This table will be used as the response data set. The ALL argument specifies that the output should include all of the map areas from the map data set.

First, our regionalized market data delivers penetrating insights on your veomarketing, target groups and potential, for all industries and markets, worldwide.

Europe Edition 2018/2019

Seamless fit between all geodata: More information on our Europe Edition GfK in your country Contact. Note that the ISO variable was numeric in the original sashelp.

It then calculates the appropriate response levels. Vfk activate JavaScript in your browser settings to enable all features of this website. Set the graphics environment. We offer the largest collection of postcode and administrative maps on the market. Don’t fill this field! Create a table named demographics using sashelp.