Get the guaranteed best price on Powered Mixers like the Soundcraft GigRac Powered Mixer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on. finish that gives the GigRac its tough and unique look. Amplifier Power Ratings. GigRac GigRac 1 x W @ 4 Ohms. 2 x W @ 4 Ohms. 1 x W. GigRac (W), and the £ GigRac (2xW) as tested. Setting up GigRac really is effortless and in many respects can be compared to the simple.

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Search Advanced Search Search Tips. The common method for Over Temperature Protection is to use a bimetal thermal circuit breaker on the heatsink. Answered on May 04, I have the original Gigrac – bought it used and it has worked fine for me. In other words, the hotter it gets, the higher the resistance. AudioArtist ‘s user review ” Gigrca good little small gig head!


Join the HC Newsletter. Soundcraft Music Answered on Oct 08, In the Giyracthe designer opted for Sziklai instead. Did you find this review helpful? Posted on Sep 03, Be the first to answer. After that is the Power Supply Section lower half.

We also have an optional cover you can get for it. Of these three, it is the InRush Current Limiting section that deserves a deeper look. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Sorry but this item is currently unavailable. girac


Soundcraft GigRac 600 Technical Review

One of my biggest complaint with the box type powered PA mixers is the lack of individual channel metering. This high resistance will further reduce the amount of Mains Current from entering the GigRac Your unit is telling you that there is something wrong. Have always loved http: Posted on Jun 14, Be the first to answer. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Answered on Gigrrac 19, This brand exudes quality. Posted on Jun 06, Be the first to answer. Perhaps gigac designer deemed a non-mechanical gigrax is more reliable.

Soundcraft is a very reputable company and this unit lives up to their reputation. Without this, the power transistors will soon overheat and self-destruct due to a phenomenon called Thermal Runaway. The GigRac will draw high current instantly.

Vendor website reviews were positive, but I wondered what you guys think? So, I bought the D. It is fairly lightweight too, about the same as one of the unpowered eons he used as mains. The components enclosed by the thick white line top right corner are for InRush Current Limiting.

The next item on the agenda is the power amplifier itself. As current flows though TH1, it will heat up. Help FAQs Go to top. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine which products are legal in their locality.

I helped him set it up the first time at a birthday bash for one his friends, but he says he has since figured it out pretty well and used it a few times since. Fig 2 is the schematic of the Current Limiting section. One needs to use test equipment to measure the current through the resistor and see if it is reasonable.


The signal is further amplified in the 2nd stage by another differential TR23, TR The power amplifier schematic in Fig 5 reveals some interesting ideas. If purely by convection, the heatsink will be much larger. Unfortunately there is no audio input on most laptops so you need another solution. The GigRac power amplifier module is exceptionally well laid out Fig 3.

Soundcraft GigRac Technical Review – AmpsLab

This is quite seamless. My guess, for what it’s worth, is one of the amps has a bad final so I would disconnect the power supply from the amps and see if the unit gigtac running. Same amp as the XR Posted on May 10, Be the first to answer. It’s a solid investment for the gigging musician or band!

Answered gigracc Feb 23, The device then shuts down. Consider what happens when the GigRac suffers from a major fault, like blown power transistors in the power amplifiers. The capacitors can heal briefly and then start to short.

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