HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). HM analog oscilloscope. Discontinued. More info in German for HM at ยท Manual for HM here. Timebase The HM timebase incorporates an LPS trigger circuit, a new technique developed by HAMEG. The complete triggering process is carried out by a.

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This earthed wire is only connected to the first protective winding of the power transformer. The main circuit component is a peak to peak rectifier with a capacitor input. If the separate voltages of a plate pair are very dif- ferent, the associated circuit must be faulty. HZ 62 and HZ 64 instruments.

The pulses, which control the trigger indicator, are stored for approximately ms only. For precise determina- tion set the peak of the first marker or cycle peak ex- actly behind the first vertical graticule line using the “X-POS. Almost every early failure can be detected by means of intermittent operation during this test.

The phase shift is 3 degrees at 1 0OkFIz. To obtain a stably triggered display in these cases, it may be necessary to use the timebase variable control or the sweep delay facility. HZ 34 Test Cable BNC – BNC When the oscilloscope is used for field service applications the HZ 43 carrying case will prove to be invaluable, as it has been designed to protect the instrument and provide storage for acces- sories and tools. It is recommended to use only the original packing material when the instrument will be shipped to HAMEG for service or repair.

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Ramp output; 5 V approx. This is achieved by adjusting the trim- mer located in the 2: In order to obtain a stable display the timebase must be triggered synchronously with the test signal. This is best seen by displaying a square-wave signal with the repetition rate of approximately 1 MHz. The interac- tion of focus adjustment and astigmatism correction should be noted.

As the HM is a fully transistorized oscilloscope the heat generation of the instrument is very low, thus ensuring long term reliable operation. This can on occasions change the DC-Balance of the vertical amplifier.

Overscanning; indicated by 2 LED’s. The delay fine control should now be adjusted so that the display starts just prior to the short time interval to be investigated. hhameg

Hameg 412 Grossansichten

It 4122 be noted that this value is reduced at higher frequencies. With an input signal applied and both LED’s on, that means an overdriven vertical deflection in both directions.

A built-in 1 kHz square -wave generator can be used to check amplifier calibration and probe alignment. Especially for the photographic recording of displays the HM has a raster illumination.

The probe tip is connected to the mini-socket designated with a square-wave on 41 front panel of the instrument. The LED in the delay section is not illuminated in this mode.

In this case, an appropriate high voltage capacitor ap- prox. The trimmer can be adjusted to equal the input capacitance of the oscilloscope, then the impedance of the HZ 23 is equal to the specified Input impedance of the oscilloscope under test. In contrast the minimum signal voltage required for reliable triggering should be at least double when the 1 kHz calibration signal is applied.


None of the push buttons should be depressed. In almost any case, the faulty section can be located. The HZ 38 is recommended for use with in- struments quoting a bandwidth of 40 MHz or more, as the ef- fective bandwidth of the oscilloscope will not suffer reduction by the probe. However, both LED’s will be on, if one trace is above and the other one is below the usable screen area. Incidental touches with dangerous voltage potentials are then unlikely.

Trigger System Modes; automatic or variable trigger level. Today the BNC connection system is the most widely used type in the commercial electronics field, and the HZ 34 gives the user a test cable with specified characteristics.

HAMEG hm Oszilloskop Oscilloscope | eBay

It should be noted that with wide variations in brightness, refocusing is always necessary. Compensation range pF.

Therefore, all HAMEG instruments are under warran- ty for a period of one year, provided hamdg no modifica- tions have been made to the instrument. For many differential measurements it is advantageous not to connect both the probe ground leads to the test circuit.