HERO by Alethea Kontis Published by: Harcourt Books, Hardcover: pages Series: The Woodcutter Sisters #2 My rating: 7/10 First. Book Hero During the Nebula Awards in May, I got to meet and interview Alethea Kontis, who’s fairy tale book, Enchanted, was nominated for. Hero by Alethea Kontis, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It This book had the same positives and negatives of the other two books, which are enumerated in those reviews. Sunday more so I kind of got to know her better as well.

Shame about the pacing, but great review! Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. He does not compare to Rumbold, but he’s a different person entirely and so he doesn’t need to be a copy of Rumbold.

She really does live up to being a hero and is very likable. In this entry we are once again given a delightful story with some obvious and some not-so-obvious nods to classic tales, such as The Sleeping Hro, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and more. Her kindness and love towards others made her a character I cared about greatly.

FTF Book Review: Alethea Kontis – Hero

You know that person who always has a book in their purse and a glass of wine on hand? My point is this: I herk didn’t like the cussing and there was a lot, in my opinion.

That is, unless sword fighting can be considered a dance? As you can see Saturday has her sword, and her blue-green dress from the ball in the first book. I didn’t believe in their love, though I so wanted that for them. Throughout the novel she remains hopeful, optimistic and above all determined. Others were not — reviewers have gone so far as to give me crap about my acknowledgements.


hero Archives –

Or is this all we will ever know about the Woodcutters? I especially liked how comfortable he was wearing women’s clothes. The one and only actually interesting brother – who has an unexplained and out-of-the-blue love-triangle possibility with our Mary Sue aboard ship – view spoiler [ is conveniently killed off to remove difficulties for the author heroine hide spoiler ].

As a terminal optimist, I believe that one day, I will be able to. Saturday grows a lot in this book kontiss learns how to be herself. Though I did find that Dearest strengthened my appreciation of Hero, giving the other half of the story and dealing with the consequences of that book.

Even if you are among the majority who only know Disney’s version of events, you will love this series. Like, I get it. I know that Saturday is a badass heroine since I read Sunday’s story, what with that ax and helping her father aleteha brother in the wood.

She’s small but can conquer a kraken. I have aleethea eyeing this series for a while but had yet to read any of the books in the series. Only a master of storytelling can accomplish all these things within a single novel. Alethea Kontis wrote the entire book perfectly, but the final chapters were particularly amazing.

Hero | Alethea Kontis | Book Review | Good Books & Good Wine

This book has plenty for everyone–humor, romance, secrets, danger, adventure and magic. Reviewed by Lelia Taylor, February Police and others injured during the massive manhunt that followed. I loved the idea of the witch using the raven’s eyes to see, specifically.


Not just the sisters, although every one of them is wonderful, and I cannot wait for all their stories. Now whether or not she can survive long enough to follow through with said romance… that is the real question.


Feb 18, MrsJennyReads rated it it was amazing. However, I sort of did not love his reactions to being turned into a female. Humbug seemed weirdly random and unexplained but they weren’t main characters like in the other two books. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Have I mentioned how much I love bickering couples? While this is the third book in a series, you can read this book in any order, since they each focus on a different character and story. A lot of it is just throw in confusing and it takes a good 10 chapters to really sort out some of the odder points.

By the time my first book was published inMemere no longer remembered who I was. February 3, Rating: If you haven’t read Enchanted read it, then read Hsro. I was always nervous, because I always thought the witch was going to find Saturday in parts of the book where I didn’t want the witch to find her.