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US USA en Micromirror elements, package for the micromirror elements, and projection system therefor. Wavelength division multiplexing system and method using a reconfigurable diffraction grating. Method and system for actuating electro-mechanical ribbon elements in accordance to a data stream.

Methods and apparatus for diffractive optical processing using an actuatable structure. Method for damping ribbon elements in a micromechanical grating device by selection of actuation waveform. Method for manufacturing a mechanical conformal grating device with improved contrast and lifetime.

Methods for depositing, releasing and packaging micro-electromechanical devices on wafer substrates. Optical data thsrmostatventil system with self-damped electromechanical conformal grating. Optical modulator, optical modulator manufacturing method, light information processing apparatus including optical modulator, image formation apparatus including optical modulator, and image projection and display apparatus including optical modulator.

Illumination system for one-dimensional spatial light modulators employing multiple light sources. Modulation of light out of the focal plane in a light modulator based projection system.

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Method and apparatus for dynamic equalization in wavelength division multiplexing. Image registration apparatus having an adjustable reflective thermostatevntil grating and method. Light modulator structure for producing high-contrast operation using zero-order light.

Method and device for modulating a light beam and having an improved gamma response. Image production apparatus, image display apparatus, image display method and optical modulation device adjustment apparatus. Method and system for generating enhanced gray levels in an electromechanical grating display. Method and apparatus thermostatvenril leveling thermal stress variations in multi-layer MEMS devices. Configurable grating based on surface relief pattern for use as a variable optical attenuator.


Method and apparatus for multi-track imaging using single-mode beams and diffraction-limited optics. Electrostatic-type variable diffractive light modulator and manufacturing method thereof. Imaging system having ghermostatventil distinct coded aperture arrays at different mask locations. Processing coded aperture image data by applying weightings to aperture functions and data frames.

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Infrared spatial modulator for scene-based non-uniformity thermostatvdntil correction and systems and methods related thereto. Method and apparatus for converting 2D-images and videos to 3D for consumer, commercial and professional applications. Color video display system comprising electrostatically deflectable light valves.

Microcomputer processing approach for a non-volatile TV station memory tuning system. Data processing system integrated circuit having modular memory add-on capacity.

EP1305683B1 – Rücklauftemperaturbegrenzer – Google Patents

Use of motor winding as integrator to generate sawtooth for switch mode current regulator. Direct AC converter for converting a balanced AC polyphase input to an output voltage. Procede et dispositif de detection d’une transition honeywel la composante continue thermostatvebtil signal periodique, notamment pour joncteur telephonique.

Real-time high-resolution 3-D large-screen display using laser-activated liquid crystal light valves. Light valve for use in a color display unit with a diffraction grating assembly included in the valve.

A plurality of optical crossbar switches and exchange switches for parallel processor computer. Apparatus for implementing output voltage slope in current mode controlled power supplies. Method for producing a display with a diffraction grating pattern and a display produced by the method. Apparatus and method for digitized video system hoheywell a moving display surface.


Devices and method for generating and using systems, software waitstates on address boundaries in data processing. Desktop-based projection display system for stereoscopic viewing of displayed imagery over a wide field of view.

Digital micromirror device architecture and timing for use in a pulse-width modulated display system. Method of fabricating an image plane translator device and apparatus incorporating such device. Infrared image projector utilizing a deformable mirror device spatial light modulator. Projection display system including a collimating tapered waveguide or lens with the normal to optical axis angle increasing toward the lens center.

Optical device comprising facing lenticular or parallax screens of different pitch. Liquid crystal projection display with complementary color dye added to longest wavelength imaging element. Two path liquid crystal light valve color display with light coupling lens array disposed along the red-green light path.

Color projection system employing reflective display devices and prism illuminators. Use of a saw frame with tape as a substrate carrier for wafer level backend processing. Raster following telecentric illumination scanning system for enhancing light throughout in light valve projection systems. Methods for manufacturing a thermally enhanced molded cavity package having a parallel lid.

Method of reducing the visual impact of defects present in a spatial light modulator display. MOS uni-directional, differential voltage amplifier capable of amplifying signals having input common-mode voltage beneath voltage of lower supply and integrated circuit substrate.