Jan 20, How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly—and the Stark Choices Ahead. By Dambisa Moyo. Farrar, Straus and Giroux; pages. Amid the hype of China’s rise to global power, the most important story of our generation is being pushed aside: how the West’s rapidly growing population of the. In How the West Was Lost, the New York Times bestselling author Dambisa Moyo offers a bold account of the decline of the West’s economic supremacy.

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However, my main question – given that the whole premise of the book is that if we list look out and change everything about our economy and a lot about our society, China will takeover An interesting book. The other emerging economies see that this is successful. The UN forcasts that by one in three persons in the rich countries of the West will be a pensioner.

The West traditional way of thinking and its philosophy must be examined carefully and injection of Asian ones is a must. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly–and the Stark Choices Ahead

Drugs developed loat the US and Europe privately, soon show up abroad as generics. A must read for any socially aware citizen Besides capital and labour inputs, a third factor contributes to the growth of economies. From whole society’s prospective, would Lin as a NBA player is times valuable than that as a company clerk. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. I thought it was a very good read, highlighting the causes of the financial crisis in the US and why if it continues with it’s current policies, it is in line to loose it’s crown as the global economic power.


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The West society is running into the dead end. Dambisx recently China’s labour costs have been rising hte this alone means that Ms Moyo may need to update her arguments. The title of the book is so far removed from its content because it concentrates on some of the real economic policies blunders of successive US administrations but to add losr from Uk once in a while does not constitute what is known as “The West”. Unless as some people predicted, America can reduce large portion of oil import or even becomes oil export country due to the new technologies of producing share gas and oil, there is neither government policy nor plan to improve American capability of industrial output to stampede the outflow of hard currency.

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As it is, the simple mathematics of comparative advantage show oost no country could hold an absolute advantage in every product imaginable. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

For the current global population of roughly 6. Lists with This Book. It would be interesting to see an update as it has been a few years since its research and publication.

I surely hope that Dambisa Moyo is wrong, for our sake. His speech was met with enthusiastic applause. In the West today we have the “makers and the takers. This has not been the case and many jobs and trade secrets have been stolen.

Human greed benefits the few. Unless the West adopts radical solutions and adopts them quickly, it will be too late. Even though there is some improvement of unemployment, GDP growth and industrial manufacturing recently, the American international trade deficit continues to worsen.

Now, this is an argument that is not only set against the grain of history but also requires far more sophistication to pull off than merely stating that it requires 9 kilogrammes of grain to produce an equivalent weight of beef and therefore that the world is doomed. Showing of 55 reviews.


On the same path is the argument made without evidence that conflict around resources such as water will shortly be normal without evidence for it. It was easy to relate the challenges adressed in the book to the current state of the global economy and it gave that “it makes sense” feeling to the reader.

Citing Wikipedia as one of her historical sources w I really enjoyed this book but mainly because it backed up my own opinions of the disastrous economic direction we have going in the West for much of my life.

Books by Dambisa Moyo.

The list urgent and pressing problem is shortage of cash, which has ill effect on the accumulation of capital. Kennedy School thhe Government. I was pleased to see that her economic references were more ho. The quantity question is in the numbers. I have no doubt about the author’s credentials at all but would be cauti I am not a tough grader of books because producing a sensible piece of work is very very difficult but found that the author here could have done better with her categories.

Our culture, our historic geographic isolation, our roots, all create scary challenges when it comes to competing with these huge countries. As to skills, Moyo sees complacency in government in the face of declining schooling standards relative to those in the emerging societies.