Pier Luigi Ighina Atomo Magnetico Pdf Download DOWNLOAD: pier luigi ighina atomo magnetico pdf pier luigi ighina la. Twice-nominated Nobel Peace Prize systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo, has stated that, “the fundamental furnishing of the universe is information. Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, ,

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Every matter, if left for a certain amount of time in a particular location, leaves some magnetic traces in that place after its removal.

Nato nel a Milano, di professione radiotecnico, nel si trasferisce ad Imola e nella sua abitazione istalla un laboratorio dalle caratteristiche assai strane, frutto delle sue particolari conoscenze che tramuta in numerose invenzioni. Meanwhile in the house of Ighina, among visitors there is also a senior police officer.

Once, while he was analysing the clouds with his machine, a flying saucer passed between the vibrating canals of atomic magnetic energy. Views Read Edit View history. The rest of the book reproduces some of the alerts, warnings, information that had Ighina print in the last forty years, as well as some articles of journalists who had interviewed.

Ideally, ERIM should be placed in the bedroom so that it can act overnight, but it can also be effective almost anywhere although it should be kept about cm away from walls. So, in my opinion, if Ighina is a “Crazy” is a “crazy” that speaks and acts as a wise and so should be enough.

At the edges of the disks there were different ighiha A questo punto ci sembra lecito pensare che anche Ettore Majorana sia stato invitato dagli Extraterrestri a collaborare con loro nel segreto di una delle loro numerose basi sparse, come sembra, sulla Terra. This way the matter atoms atimo keep a little motion which can last for long periods without the necessity mangetico the chemical reactions produced by alimentation. ERIM can also energize foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables and meats by placing them level with, and about cm in front of the green spirals, using a non-metallic support, if necessary.


It seems that only the tip of your finger is enough to discover the point and nature of the malfunction. Dicono che il congegno in funzione non ce la fa a perforare.

Waves of magnetic atoms are continuously exchanged between the Sun and the Earth, with a proper frequency and shape.

Pier Luigi Ighina

The device is a passive resonator and it needs to build charge atoml bringing isotopes near it. Ighina warns that we need another hour of activity. In he successfully melted some metal at a distance in presence of a journalist. Tutti dicevano che Marconi era morto di Angina Pectoris Let’s see now what really happened in Imola on Tuesday, September 12, in fields of Ighina’s farm, which is located in Viale Romeo Galli, 4, where he placed his laboratory. Bisogna togliere la vecchia, atoml a prendere la nuova e rimontarla.

He was particularly interested in the magnetic flux, so aomo tried to observe a piece of crystalline glass which was interposed between a magnet and a piece of iron. He observed that different matter have different pulsations.

Tale corridoio doveva servire per due scopi ben precisi: Infatti essi si servono di operatori e di programmati terrestri, i quali agiscono per loro diretto consiglio e ammaestramento. Nobody [ sognerebbe ighinw rubarle ] because no one seriously believes that it is really lunar material because they say that Ighina is atoko. After years of experimentation he was then able to obtain magnetic atoms whose vibration he could control thanks to the construction of micro-electromagnets; this allowed him to obtain the various vibrations existing in the different matters.

La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico – Pier Luigi Ighina – Google Books

He claimed to be assistant of Guglielmo Marconi for a number of scientific findings. Ma Pier Luigi Ighina, un uomo buono come il pane e semplice come un fanciullo, per quanto infaticabi1e resta pur sempre un uomo. Il freddo arriva a sopraffare anche gli espedienti improvvisati.


Intanto assistiamo a fenomeni strani. With this energy is possible, according to the Author, cure any disease, to melt metals distance, produce electricity, neutralize radiation, investigating the underground research of oil or aquifers, raising agricultural crops and more. For hands of our body clocks already one night and is already on September Ighina is lost to talk with everyone, but his work seems now completed: He said he was the cause of that, and after having agreed not to talk to anybody about the meeting for at least agomo years, he had the possibility of entering the saucer and study its propulsion, then took two of them to his laboratory and showed them his experiment.

Pier Luigi Ighina – Wikipedia

Operators argue that if the condition is not optimal “flying saucer” does not atono. The different gatherings have different atomic vibration and create, when they meet, huge electrical discharges. After this time the peach tree had become an apple tree.

In the book, divided into two sections theory I and technical IIthe author describes his research in the field of physics of the atom, in particular the discovery of the magnetic atom. So he tuned his machine into the sane bone ivhina rate and applied it close to the injured area.