A. Galierikova and J. Sosedova: Intermodal Transportation Intermodal Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Intermodalni prijevoz opasnih tereta. Intermodalni transport (HR). from Josip Ruzic. LIVE. 0. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Player error. The player is having trouble. We’ll have it back. Video za Hrvatsku udrugu za promicanje međuobalnog prometnog povezivanja (SPC.

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In the last few years the use of several, relatively new and unknown Load Securing methods have become available through innovation and technological advancement including polyester strapping and -lashing, synthetic webbings and Dunnage Bagsalso known as air bags. The Canadian Pacific Railway was a pioneer in piggyback transport, becoming the first major North American railway to introduce the service in However, in the Betuweroute was completed, a railway from Rotterdam to the German industrial heartland, which may accommodate double-stacked containers in the future.

Truck trailers were first carried by railway before World War II, an arrangement often called “piggyback”, by the small Class I railroadthe Chicago Great Western in Variations exist, including open-topped versions covered by a fabric curtain are used to transport larger loads.

Refrigerated containers reefer are used transsport perishables. Since introduction, there have been moves to adopt other heights, such as intsrmodalni 3.

TOFC terminals typically have large areas for storing trailers pending loading or pickup. The term reverse land bridge refers to a micro land bridge from an east coast port as opposed to a west coast port in the previous examples to an inland destination.


Intermodal freight transport

These initials stand for ” twenty-foot equivalent unit ,” and ” forty-foot equivalent unit ,” respectively. The term landbridge or land bridge is commonly used in the intermodal freight transport sector. Handling equipment can be designed with intermodality in mind, assisting with transferring containers between rail, road and sea. You may improve this articlediscuss the issue on the talk pageor create a new articleas appropriate. Containers, also known as intermodal containers or ISO containers because the dimensions have been defined by ISO, are the main type of equipment used in intermodal transport, particularly when one of fransport modes of transportation is by ship.

Department of Defense standards between and There are many different ways and materials available to stabilize and secure cargo in containers used in the various modes of transportation. Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation. Some flatcars are designed with collapsible trailer hitches so they can be used for trailer or container service. By modern standards these containers were small, being trnsport.

Интермодални транспорт

A succession of large, new, domestic container sizes was introduced to increase shipping productivity. This depression allows for sufficient clearance to allow two containers to be loaded in the car in a “double stack” arrangement.

Since electrification generally predated double-stacking, the overhead wiring was too low to accommodate it. The three common sizes are:. This article has multiple issues. Retrieved 11 June Oil tanker Oil terminal Tank car Tank truck List of oil pipelines.

These vessels are custom-built to hold containers.

In the United Kingdomthe modernisation plan and in turn the Beeching Report strongly pushed containerization. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat However, India is building some freight-only corridors with the overhead wiring at 7. It is also common in North America to transport semi-trailers on railway flatcars or spine carsan arrangement called “piggyback” or TOFC trailer on flatcar to distinguish it from container on flatcar COFC.


When a containerized ocean freight shipment travels across a large body of land for a significant distance, that portion of the trip is referred to as the “land bridge” and the mode of transport used is rail transport.

Интермодални транспорт — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

This requires a certain low building height which led to a minor size of wheels for the railcars. Containers at Kuantan Port. The History and Prospects of the Railway System. Freight transport Intermodal transport.

Retrieved from ” https: The double-stack rail cars design significantly reduces damage in transit and provides greater cargo security by cradling the lower containers so their doors cannot be opened.

There are three applications for the term. When carried by rail, containers can be loaded on flatcars or in container well cars. Intermodal transportation goes back to the 18th century and predates the railways.

Intermodal Transport in Europe. Rail intermodal traffic tripled between andaccording to the Association of American Railroads AARfrom 3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Containers handled by means of lifting gear, such as cranes, overhead conveyors, etc. Please help improve this article by adding rtansport to reliable sources. Gauthier, and Morton E.