JUMO Instrument Co. Ltd. JUMO House. Temple Bank, Riverway. Harlow, Essex CM20 2TT, UK. Phone: +44 (0) 12 79 63 55 Fax: +44 (0) dTRON Compact .. P ro cess value input. The process variable is fed into the contro ller via the JUMO House Temple Bank, Riverway Harlow. JUMO dTRON , format 96mm x 48mm (landscape format) incl. . 4 Electrical connection. Electrical isolation.» V AC.»» 30 V AC. 50 V DC.

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Can the dTRON 16.1 be configured from a PC?

It also contains a counter with buttons to adjust the parameters. This w-type is for connection to resistance thermometers in three-wire circuits. The display shows an analogue temperature display and a button to adjust the parameter. This electric controller has an input of 5A or V.

The display of the controller has a button to adjust the parameters and a display to show the temperature. The output is 3A. This controller works on 48…63Hz.

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The display contains a 7-segement red and a 7-segment green display to display the value of the measurement tools that are attached to the inputs. The display also shows LEDs to indicate when a gradient function is active. The display contains various buttons to adjust the parameters.


This controller has a dimension of 48mm x 96mm and contains one analog and two binary inputs and 2 logic outputs. The input of this controller is programmable and the output is 2 exchangable relais.

Can the dTRON be configured from a PC?

The display also contains various keys to adjust the parameters of the controller. This controller has a dimension of 48mm x 48mm. The dTRON has one analoge input, two relay outputs and two logic inputs or two logic outputs. The inputs are programmable and the output is VAC, 3A relais. The display shows a 7-segment display that shows the process value or another programmed value, it shows the active setpoint, it shows the setpoint or another value in another 7-segement display, it indicates the status of the logic outputs, and the function and type of operation that is active, and it has a segemented display for the temperature and text.

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The controller display also has keys to adjust the parameters of the controller. This is a single-setpoint controller with a maximum contact of which the feedback structure can be configured. The relay output 2 can be programmed. The display shows a r-digit process dtrob, a 4-digit setpoint display, keys to adjust the parameters, a LED for the ramp function, and LEDs to indicate the status of the outputs.


This dTRON has a dimension of 96mm x 96mm and has one analog and two logic inputs and two relays and two logic outputs. This controller is programmed to the customers specifications. This specific controller has been configured to have a math and logic module and is build according to DIN EN approval. The screen shows a 7-segement display, an indication of the active setpoint, another 7-segement display, indicators for the status of outputs and dtrin type of program and operation that is activated, a segment display for the temperature unit and text and keys to adjust the settings of the controller.

This JUMO controller is a digital indicator with a juo of 48mm x 24 mm. The display shows a 7-segment display for 4 digits to show the temperature, LED status indicators for outputs 1 and 2 and buttons to adjust the parameters. Jumo Electric Controller, Type: This website uses cookies.

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