Msi K7T Pro2-A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Msi K7T Pro2-A User Manual. MSI K7T Pro MotherBoard: User Guide. K7T Pro Motherboard pdf manual download. Also for: Motherboard MSI K7T Pro2-A User Manual. MSI MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL K7T Pro2-A MSE (v1.X) ATX Mainboard Version GMA i Manual Rev: Release Date: May

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Disable the controller if you want to use other controller cards to connect a modem. When enabled, the BIOS will activate the floppy disk drives during the boot process: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Avoid clearing the CMOS while the system is on; it will damage the mainboard.

The setting of the field will automatically return to Enabled later. The utility is just like your PC doctor that can detect the following PC hardware status during real time operation: AGP is an interface specification designed for the throughput demands of 3D graphics.

Last State Restores the system to the previous status before power failure or interrupt occurred. If set to Monitor, any activity detected on the specified hardware peripheral or component will wake up the system or prevent the system from entering the power saving modes.

Exit Without Saving Abandon all changes and exit setup. Driving This field is used to adjust the AGP driving force. Assign Resources to all ISA. Driving This item specifies an AGP driving force.


prk2 Please note the CNR slot of the mainboard supports audio and modem only. When a password has been set, you will be prompted to enter it every time you try to enter Setup. Power Off Leaves the computer in the power off state.

The on-line description for the selected setup mqnual is displayed at the bottom of the screen. PnP Plug and Play A set of specifications that allows a PC to configure itself automatically to work with peripherals.

The connector will power up the system when a signal is received through the modem card.

It executes hardware test on booting the system, starts the OS, and provides an interface between the OS and the components. Always consult the vendor for proper CPU cooling fan. The system will boot from the selected device.

The Main Menu displays twelve configurable functions and two exit choices. Can only enter but do not have the right to pr2o the k7266 of the setup menu. Memory modules can be installed in any combination as follows: C, 32k Shadow This item specifies how the contents of the adapter ROM named in k7t2666 item are handled.

It introduces a 66MHz, bit channel for the graphics controller to directly access main memory and provides three levels of throughputs: You can attach a serial mouse or other serial devices directly to the connectors. The specification of hard disk drive will show up on the right hand according to your selection. This helps you to prevent the CPU overheating problem. Mic is a connector for microphones. This enables you to transfer data from one device to another without any cables.


Otherwise, the Line-Out connector on the back panel will not function. Any changes made to this setting may cause a stability issue, so changing the DDR voltage for long-term purpose is NOT recommended. Can ;ro2 and change the settings of the setup menu. You need to select the MPS version supported by your operating system.

Msi K7T Pro2-A Manuals

Disable the controller if you want to use other controller cards to connect pgo2 audio device. But it is possible if you choose Yes. Parallel Port Mode This item selects the operation mode for the onboard parallel port: DIMM dual in-line memory module A k7t26 circuit board that holds memory chips.

IEEE A new, high speed external bus standard, also known as FireWire or iLink, which supports data transfer rates of up to Mbps for connecting up to 63 external devices.

MSI K7T266 Pro2-A Manuals

Keep this equipment away from humidity. Then, detect and initialize the video adapter. If you install two hard disks on cable, you must configure the second drive to Slave mode by setting its jumper. The virus code is buried within an existing program, and is activated when that program is executed. Setting to K7266 will speed up the system performance.