The Kepner Tregoe method (KT-method) is a problem analysis model in which the “problem” is disconnected from the “decision”. An English synonym for this. The Kepner Tregoe Matrix is a one of the most unique, documented analysis and decision-making methods. It is sometimes called a root cause analysisand. K.T. Decision Analysis. 1. Write a concise decision statement about what it is we want to decide. – Use first four problem-solving steps to gather information. 2.

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It may help you to utilize critical thinking skills, organize and prioritize information, set objectives, evaluate alternatives, and analyze impact. Kepner Tregoe Method4. Only the most important decisions you face require this level of analysis because of the time required to perform it properly. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our Free Newsletter for the latest posts on Management models and methods.

Now it is time to make a decision.

Kepner Tregoe Method, a problem solving and decision making tool | ToolsHero

The Kepner-Tregoe decision making model is a four step process for gathering information and prioritizing and evaluating it. Henry Mintzberg Organizational Configurations December 18, Rating the Adverse Consequences 10 Minutes Rate Each adverse Consequence — on the possibility it will occur — and the Seriousness if it does occur — then multiply Probability x Seriousness and sum 5. Step Two — Problem Analysis: After all, it is really the causes that need to be solved, not the problems themselves.

However, just as was the case with the first step, that would be a mistake. Here potential future problems are anticipated and preventative actions are developed what will the result be.

Kepner Tregoe Method

Decisions are a regular part of life, and a regular part of business. By using a good problem analysis in advance, a process will be created to prevent future problems or in emergencies, to limit the damage.

The user of will evaluate alternative courses of action to optimize the selected result based on explicit objectives. Problems occur in any given organization. analysix


Tregoe in the s. Kepner and Benjamin B.

Pros and cons This step-by-step, systematic approach makes it easy to do the Kepner Tregoe decision analysis. At this point, you are simply going to identify the concerns that are involved in the decision, and you are going to outline the priorities that you have in this case.

Before rushing into action making your decision take hold throughout the organization, think about the various dedision that may come up and how they will be dealt with. Retrieved [insert date] from ToolsHero: As a tool for identifying problems, as a tool for taking better decisions.

In spite of the available information, people usually process information badly, misinterpret this or overlook important matters. Are they risks that you are willing to take, or not? You might assume that you know exactly what the problem is, so you may just rush through this step in order to start working on solutions. There must be some sort of problem or situation existing that requires a decision to be made, so understanding what is happening should always be your first tregof.

Add a link to this page on your website: Rank objectives and assign relative weights 4. Kepner Tregoe describes the following steps to approach decision analysis: Kepner Tregoe decision making sets up an outcome as well as how exactly it should be achieved. This is often problematic because the universe often has other plans!

It abalysis sometimes called a root cause analysis and decision-making method. Do you recognize the practical explanation or do you have more suggestions? With a good idea of what exactly is going on, decission other matter to deal with here is to sort out your priorities. It is marketed as a way to make unbiased decisions in that it is said to limit conscious and unconscious biases that draw attention away from the outcome.

The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

Here the actual cause of the problem and the relationship between cause and result are searched for why did it happen. This step in the process is all about risk analysis. I have used it all the time along my career as a manager of organizations, with extreme success. Make a final, single choice between top alternatives A further defined process, for use in conjunction Kepner Tregoe evaluation tools, is as follows: First, you will want to collect all of the available alternatives that you could use to solve the problem at hand so they can each be evaluated equally.


While the Kepner-Tregoe Matrix can become quite complex depending on how many factors are involved in a given decision, the basis of the model comes down to four steps. A list of the practical implications must be complied and for each item, identify the best way to prevent it occurring. A further defined process, for use in conjunction Kepner Tregoe evaluation tools, is as follows:. How many decisions do you make in a day? It is important not to rush this first step — taking your time at this stage will likely save you time down the line.

Prepare a decision statement having both an action and a result component. The building may still be on fire! An important aspect of Kepner Tregoe decision making is the assessment and prioritizing of risk. This situation analysis provides an insight into necessity, priority and urgency of the various tasks.

Again, this is a point in the process that always contains the risk for taking too little time in thinking through the situation. Calculate weighted decisuon for each alternative and identify the top two or three 7. Moreover, it also helps improve clear communications with customer and suppliers, production quality, customer service and anything related to maintenance and repairs.

These four steps, which have been outlined below, can help you to move from start xecision finish in the decision making process.

When you use this matrix to guide your thinking when facing a particularly important decision, you will be able to frame the question at hand in a number of important ways.