Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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Education for Social and National Integration 1. NaikPrem Pasricha, V. Views Read Edit View history. Teachers should be helped and trained to use in-expensive and local available improvised teaching aids.

Three year special courses for the first degree which begin at the end of the first year of the present 3 year degree courses should be started in selected subjects and in selected institutions.

For this purpose, study of English deserves to be specially strengthened. It is on his personal qualities and character, his educational qualifications and professional competence that the success of all educational endeavour must ultimately depend. Retrieved June 18, The Commission submitted its report on June 29th, Schools should be given the freedom to devise and experiment with new curricula suited to their needs.

Making of the Report 4.

The group had its mandate to examine the recruitment and training of teaching and non teaching staff. Shumovsky Sadatoshi Ihara, Members.

It will relate education to productivity and also as a means of social and national integration. Kothari, chairman of the U. The second tier would be a committee under the chairmanship of headmaster of the secondary school which will plan the work and give guidance to all the schools in the area.

The establishment in non-Hindi States, of colleges and other institutions of higher education which use Hindi as the medium of education should be encouraged.


Know the making of the report of Development commissioh new methods of teaching the language should be encouraged, and the possibility explored of including the study of Sanskrit in those courses such as modern Indian languages, ancient Indian history, Indology and Indian philosophy at the first and second degree stages, where such knowledge is useful. Two languages one regional and one national and preferably a third language Mathematical studies Science studies Social studies Art Physical education Work experience Moral studies.

One of the tasks before the group was to standardize the public and private sector compensation packages and also to design a machinery for continuous on-job training of the teachers.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

It will decrease the over academic nature of formal education. Development of a scientific mind and outlook, tolerance, concern for public interest and public kohhari, self -discipline, self reliance, initiative and a positive attitude to work.

Doraiswami secretary as its members. Discuss the place of the Education Commission of in the educational reforms in India.

Kothari Commission

Science education must become an integral part of the school education and ultimately study of science should become a part of all courses in the humanities and social science at the university stage. The commission worked for 21 months and submitted it report on June, A few selected schools should be given freedom of assessing their students themselves and holding their own final examinations at the end of class X, which will be considered as equivalent to the external examination of the State Board.

Pakrashi, Grace Tucker, P. Aggarwal, Reginald BellA. Two sets of curricula were prescribed, one at state level and one at the national level and the schools were recommended to experiment with the curriculum. Science and mathematics should be com,ission integral part of general education till the end of the school stage. Making of the Report.


Kothari Education Commission (1964-66)

It constituted 12 task forces and 7 working groups for studying the various problems of education in the country. Age of admission to Class 1 ordinarily not to be less than 6 3. The group had M. Strenuous efforts should be made to equalize educational oothari. Regional languages to be made language of administration for the regions concerned at the earliest possible time.

To improve the educational set up the government constituted two commissions after independence. Increase in Productivity – The Commission suggested that education must be related to commssion to increase com,ission income.

The programme should be flexible and consist of various types of play, manual and learning activities having sensory experiences. Each primary school should be integrally related to ten lower primary schools that exist in the neighbourhood so that they form one complex of educational facilities. Special emphasis should be placed on the development of education for agriculture and industry. Muralidharan and two men, M.

Appointment of village teachers should be encouraged to teach commlssion village women. Where playing field and other facilities for developing a nation-wide program of physical education do not exist, these should be provided on a priority basis. It should charge no tuition fee.

Let us discuss the recommendations of the commission. At this stage, the three year degree has been favoured by the Commission. Reorganization of the University: