(and the successor to the KrW-/AbfG act), incorporates the main structural elements of the Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Abfallgesetz (KrW-/AbfG). Circular Economy Act – (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz – KrWG) * Compatible Waste Disposal (Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Abfallgesetz) of. Kommentierung der §§ 11 und 12 des Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetzes Cycle Management and Waste Act (Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Abfallgesetz, KrW-/AbfG).

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This is just for Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz without the Abfall. The obligations of operators of plants that either require authorisation or do not require authorisation, pursuant to the Federal Immission Control Act, to construct and operate such plants in such a manner that waste is avoided, recycled or disposed of, are oriented to the provisions of the Federal Immission Control Act. In our experience, annual inventories, on the other hand, can take hours, even days, to complete.

Legal basis and waste producer responsibilities

The waste management concept shall contain the following: The main purpose of a measure in question shall be taken as the criterion for differentiation. Publisher Kohlhammer-VerlagGermany. Article 12 Requirements for Waste Disposal 1 The Federal Government is herewith authorised, after hearing the concerned parties Article 60to mandate, by statutory ordinance, and with the consent of the Bundesrat, requirements, in keeping with the technological state of the art, for fulfiling obligations pursuant to Article 11 for the disposal of waste; these requirements may specify area of origin, site of occurrence, as well as the type, amount and nature of the relevant waste.

Stephan Sina, lawyer and ,reislaufwirtschaftsgesetz Fellow at Ecologic Institute, commented on the provisions regarding closed cycle management of bio-waste and sewage sludge section 11 KrWG and quality assurance in the field of bio-waste and sewage sludge section 12 KrWG in a new legal commentary on the Closed Cycle Management Act Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz, KrWG. If you have any questions, the staff of the “Sonderabfallsammelstelle” will be happy to answer them.


Article 23 Prohibitions, Restrictions and Labelling For definition of requirements pursuant to Article 22, the Federal Government is authorised, after kreislaufwirtschartsgesetz the concerned parties Article 60to mandate, by statutory ordinance and with the consent of the Bundesrat, that 1.

Separate description of the final destination of waste listed under subpara. When disposing of your waste, you kreizlaufwirtschaftsgesetz ensure that the public is not endangered in any way. Article 25 Voluntary Acceptance of Returned Goods 1 The Federal Government may define aims for the voluntary acceptance of returned waste, after hearing the concerned parties Article 60that are to be attained within an appropriate period. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Subparas 2 and 3 do not apply to waste requiring special supervision. EMatt KudoZ activity Questions: Post Your ideas for ProZ. Substance-oriented requirements concerning the type and manner of the relevant recycling and disposal of waste, pursuant to this Act, are not affected.

Additional laws and regulations in German Besides the Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz KrWGyou must also observe the following laws and regulations when collecting, storing and transporting waste: Details concerning the type, amount kreislaufwkrtschaftsgesetz storage of waste requiring special supervision, of waste requiring supervision, of waste for recovery and of waste for disposal, 2.

This does not apply 1. Reproduced with kind permission.

Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Abfallgesetz | German to English | Environment & Ecology

It also determines the products for which, and by what means, product responsibility must be fulfiled. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree.

Article 6 Substance Recycling and Energy Recovery 1 Waste can be a subjected to substance recycling or b used to obtain energy. As to the requirements pursuant to sentence 1, reference may be made to publicly accessible official notifications of the pertinent expert bodies.

I should look this up at the Eurodicautom. If one of your employees or team members is set to leave, you must ensure that this person has correctly disposed of all their hazardous waste.


Term search All kreislaufwirtschaftsgdsetz ProZ. Citation Sina, Stephan Article 11 Basic Obligations for Waste Disposal 1 Producers or owners of waste that is not recycled are obligated to dispose of such waste in keeping with abfalogesetz principles of waste management that is compatible with the public interest, pursuant to Article 10, to the extent that Abfalkgesetz 13 through 18 contain no different provisions.

High-quality recycling appropriate for the type and the nature of the waste in question is to be pursued. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes.

Kommentierung der §§ 11 und 12 des Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetzes

The Federal Government is herewith authorised, after hearing the concerned parties Article 60to issue statutory ordinances giving priority to substance recycling or to energy recovery for certain waste types; this shall occur with the consent of the Bundesrat, on the basis of criteria set forth in Article 5 para. The contents of this page may be downloaded and printed out in single copies for individual use only.

Impairment occurs when, in particular. Any energy or waste occurring in connection with treatment and deposition shall be exploited to the maximum extent possible. Manufacturers and distributors who accept returned waste on the basis of a statutory ordinance pursuant to Article 24, or who voluntarily accept returned waste, are subject to the obligations of waste owners pursuant to Articles 5 and Kim Metzger Mexico Local time: This applies to farm fertiliser to the extent that the usual quantities employed in good and proper practice, within the meaning of Article 1a of the Fertiliser Act, are exceeded.

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